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There are things that do not change even in times of pandemic. Unlike other cultural industries, the video game is being perfectly capable of weathering the storm of the health crisis. As José María Moreno, general director of the Spanish Video Game Association (AEVI), recently pointed out to this newspaper, the sector expects that the 2020 revenues will have been higher than those registered in 2019 thanks to the importance that the digital format has gained.

For this 2021, with consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X present in more and more homes, and the progressive establishment of the game through «streaming», everything indicates that the phenomenon will continue to grow. And, to support this marked upward trend, developer companies are focused on the development of a good handful of titles that will be released throughout the year and, on paper, meet the main requirement that a product of this guy before his arrival on the shelves: excite. ABC collects some of the ones that attract the most attention.

«God of War: Ragnarok»

PlaySation It wouldn’t be the same without Kratos. The Spartan warrior, who has been facing gods and mythological beings since 2005, when he was born in the heat of the most remembered PS2, will star in a new installment of the franchise during the present 2021, as announced by Sony last September during the presentation of PlayStation 5. Far from the classical Greece in which it was born, the saga has continued to shine strongly in the Scandinavian world; in which an aged Kratos, and somewhat more temperate than in the past, acts as a guide for his son Atreus, called to gain, if possible, more importance in the next installment.

At the moment, we do not have much information about the plot of the video game. Although considering the title, in which mention is made of the Ragnarok, and the last minutes of the history of the previous video game, which was recognized with the game of the year award in 2018, everything indicates that it will be focused on the Scandinavian myth of the end of the world. It is expected that the title, in addition to being available on PlayStation 5, will have a version for PS4.

«Halo: Infinite»

It was expected on the launch day of Xbox Series X, but the pandemic – as with many other technological products – forced its launch to be delayed. Despite the fact that Microsoft’s history as a console manufacturer is at least a couple of chapters shorter than Sony’s and, above all, Nintendo’s, the American technology company has had more than enough time to give birth to a good handful of legendary franchises. That is the case with Gears of War, Forza or Halo. The latter will receive a new delivery, if everything allows it, at the end of this 2021.

Phil Spencer, the head of the technology’s video games division, recently told “ The Verge»That he is glad that the first person shooter is coming later. When it’s completely finished, and Xbox Series X, and its non-disc-player sister, the Series S, are available to as many players as possible. Something that does not happen now, due to the huge shortage of next-generation consoles on the market.

«Zelda: Breath of The Wild 2»

Along with Mario and the Pokémon saga, Zelda is the jewel in Nintendo’s crown. The Kyoto company recently gave a new installment to the adventure starring Link with “Hyrule Warriors: Age of Cataclysm”, which works as a kind of overture to the story that was narrated to us in “Zelda: Breath of The Wild” in 2017. A game that is recognized, by most, as one of the best works left to us by an eighth generation of consoles that, to this day, is still very much alive. And much of the blame is on the Nintendo Switch.

Be that as it may, the Japanese technology company announced just over a year ago that it was working on the direct continuation of the video game that marked the beginning of the life of the hybrid console. Some leaks already place its launch date in 2021. It would be a great move that, surely, would allow Nintendo to convince many players to continue betting on their machine instead of making the leap to the new generation. Because raw power and 4K graphics aren’t everything.

«Resident Evil VIII: Village»

The survival horror saga par excellence left the past generation of consoles in top form thanks to Capcom’s enormous work on the “remakes” of the first two titles that gave life to the franchise in the mid-nineties of the last century. For this spring, the Japanese developer hopes to put on the shelves the eighth numbered edition of the saga, which was announced to the world last summer during the presentation of PlayStation 5. This time, the action will be focused on a small and gloomy European town which, according to the leaks, will offer a lot of game to users. At the moment, it is unknown if it will only be available for computer and new generation consoles or will also arrive on PS4 and Xbox One.

«Horizon: Forbidden West»

The eighth generation has not been particularly notable for the birth of new franchises. Among the (few) that he has left us, the dystopian and beautiful Horizon stands out especially. At least, as regards PlayStation 4. For the newly released new generation, the video game will become a franchise thanks to the launch of “Horizon: Forbidden West”, in which the user will once again control the young Aloy in a a world populated by machines that is as rich and immense as it is primitive and threatening. Everything indicates that, in addition to PS5, it will come to PlayStation 4.

«Super Mario 3D World»

For this 2021 Nintendo will continue to recover titles born in the (sadly) extinct Wii U, which was discontinued earlier than, in theory, it touched. On February 12, a remastering of the “Super Mario 3D World” platform will hit the stores, which will feature new game modes, such as the possibility of enjoying it in cooperative mode online, as well as locally, with up to three other players. And it is not the only novelty. «This improved version of Super Mario 3D World brings with it several novelties in the game mechanics. For example, characters can now run faster and climb higher when using the Super Bell. You can even take advantage of the motion controls! “Promise from Nintendo.

«Final Fantasy XVI»

The Square Soft franchise is in top shape. In large part, thanks to the “remake” of its seventh installment. that you will receive your second part soon. While that happens, and if the pandemic allows it, the sixteenth edition of the franchise is expected to reach stores throughout this year. From what has been seen in the images shared so far, the title recovers the medieval cut that characterized the role-playing saga in its first editions. It also reminds something of “The Witcher 3” and past proposals of the franchise, such as “Final Fantasy XII”. In principle, PlayStatio 5 will arrive earlier than Xbox Series X.


One of the first ambitious franchises to be born in the heat of the new generation, specifically, as an exclusive to PlayStation 5. In the title, starring a character named Selene, science fiction is interspersed with terror. According to Harry Krueger, director of Housemarque, the developer behind, the work enjoys “extreme replayability.” Likewise, the dark world where the action takes place is transformed every time the player dies. It will arrive on Sony’s console on March 21, 2021.

«Farcry 6»

After a couple of editions focused on a dystopian America and, in the case of the last post-apocalyptic title, “Farcry 6” will follow a new path. At the moment, we know that the action will take place in Yara. A fictional territory that is on the brink of rebellion due to the despotism of its president, Antón Castillo, who is played by actor Giancarlo Esposito. According to the latest leaks, the player will have to choose between a male or female character to liberate the country. Very promising.

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