The most beautiful girl in the world: a refreshingly different teen comedy

The most beautiful girl in the world
A refreshingly different teen comedy

“The most beautiful girl in the world”? For Cyril (Aaron Hilmer), it’s without a doubt Roxy (Luna Wedler).

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“The most beautiful girl in the world” is a surprise hit from 2018. The motif of “Cyrano de Bergerac” comes in a cool guise.

“The most beautiful girl in the world” was already shown in the cinema. In the film of the same name by the German director Aron Lehmann (born 1981, “Highway to Hellas”), the well-known motif of “Cyrano de Bergerac” is transferred to the modern age of teenagers. The surprise hit from 2018, which celebrates its free TV premiere on August 9, 2020 (at 8:15 p.m.) on RTL (also via TVNow), not only scores with brisk sayings and cool beats.

“The most beautiful girl in the world”: that’s what it’s about

17 year old Roxy (Luna Wedler) turns the heads of all the boys in her new class. Outsider Cyril (Aaron Hilmer) is immediately on fire, but doesn’t think much of a chance as everyone teases him about his big nose. In addition, Roxy seems to be more interested in the attractive Rick (Damian Hardung), who, however, cannot utter three words at a time. When ripper Benno (Jonas Ems) also casts an eye on Roxy, Cyril starts a daring coupling action to protect Roxy from Benno. He writes cool songs and romantic text messages for Rick so that he can boast with Roxy. Will she give her heart to the right one?

Always up to date: inner vs. outer beauty

Ever since the “Fack Ju Göhte” series, it has been clear that youth films are well received in the cinema. But can “the most beautiful girl in the world” keep up? The sometimes rough sayings and punchlines may remind you of the “Fack ju Göhte” films in some places, but thanks to the script by Lars Kraume (“The Silent Classroom”) and Judy Horney, “The most beautiful girl in the world” makes it clear to be distinguished from it. The flick finds the perfect balance between heartbreak drama and comedy.

The teenagers’ worries are not targeted, but presented in a fairly realistic manner. Bullying, alcohol abuse, finding your first love and your own strength – these are all topics that are not unknown to young people. Inner vs. outer beauty – a topic that is always brand new – and which “the most beautiful girl in the world” deals with without flimsy platitudes. The cool beats and rap battles are also a very special treat.

Not only Aaron Hilmer (21) proves a sense of language and puns as Cyril, Luna Wedler (21) alias Roxy is also allowed to pick up the microphone. The two young actors make a cute team. As a viewer, you can’t believe that Roxy adores the handsome Rick (Damian Hardung). The tough girl doesn’t fit into any drawer, which is another refreshing element, as does Rick’s lack of expressiveness, in which one or the other will certainly find himself.

In addition, it is wonderfully embarrassing how Anke Engelke (54, “Happy Burnout”) as the mother of Cyril demonstrates to her son on a banana how he puts on a condom. Heike Makatsch (48, “Das Pubertier – Der Film”) is allowed to scowl at her students and smoke one cigarette after the other as a tough teacher.

A rap on love

“The most beautiful girl in the world” hits the heart. The film scores with its charming young actors, the brisk sayings, the cool beats and a haunting message about the image of beauty, which is more relevant today than ever. Teen comedies don’t have to be clichéd, they can also be refreshingly different. Chapeau!


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