The most beautiful images of the “Full Snow Moon”

On Saturday February 27, an entire face of the Moon was lit by the Sun, thus forming a magnificent full moon.

If the clouds weren’t a spoiler, you probably must have watched the Moon shine in the sky on Saturday. It was a full moon day. Our natural satellite has entered a phase during which it appears fully illuminated by the Sun. Thus, photographers from all over the world have taken out their cameras to immortalize the phenomenon, the 2e of its kind in 2021.

Some media and Internet users have spoken of “Full Snow Moon”. If one could believe in an exceptional phenomenon, in reality it was not. According to NASA, Native American tribes in the northeastern United States refer to the February full moon as the “Snow Moon,” because of heavy snowfall at this time of year. In the 1930s, communities began to baptize months of the year with the names of the Moon. Thus, some names have become popular and have been widely used. For February, we speak of “Hunger Moon” or “Storm Moon”, again because of the more difficult weather conditions. In January, it was the “Moon of the Wolves”.

On Saturday February 27, the full moon occurred at 8:17 a.m. in the constellation Leo. Our natural satellite was then at a distance of 370,596 kilometers from our souls.

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