The most in-depth 15 stories of the Thai Football League 2022-23, the first leg

Delve into interesting issues after the end of the Thai League football season 2022-23, the first leg, what are some of the most amazing, we will present information for everyone to hear.

Hello today, let’s meet with P watching football team SMM SPORT will talk about 15 conclusions that are the best of “Thai League” What’s interesting in the first leg of the 2022-23 season? Today we will bring information And the numbers for everyone to watch and listen to each other. Let’s go and see.

After Thai League Has played the final match on November 27, 2022 and ended the first leg fresh and hot today, so we’ll take a look at 16 of the best of everything in the first leg of the Thai League.

1. Highest Scorer

– Buriram United (39 points)
Of course, it must be the Thunder Castle Buriram United, who can win the most points in the first leg. With 12 wins and only 3 draws, 39 points, 9 points away from second place Chonburi and is the only team that has not lost anyone. Have a chance to win the championship without losing in the second leg as well

2. Get the lowest score

– Lampang FC (9 points)
As expected, the freshman “Emerald Chariot” Lampang FC will score the least points in the first leg of the Thai League. Because it’s a new team Focusing on Thai players with only 2 wins, 3 draws, 10 losses, 3 safety zones, and before the end of the leg, no one has won 7 games in a row.

3. Score the most goals
– Buriram United (39 goals)
It is still the same team that won the first leg that scored the most goals in the first leg. The top 3 scorers for the Thunder Castle are Supachai Chaided (10 goals), followed by Goran Kausic (9 goals) and Suphanat Muanta (6 goals).

4. Most goals conceded

– Prachuap and Lampang (33 goals)
Considered two teams with defensive games in the first leg that must be solved urgently because the defensive games of the first half of both teams lost 33 goals and 15 games, which is considered a lot. Losing a lot of goals in parallel also affects both teams’ league standings. Need to urgently fix the fever

5. The person who has scored the most goals

– Danilo Alves (Chonburi) and Supachai Chaided (Buriram) (10 goals)
The Thai League goalscoring star in the first leg would not go beyond these 2 people and the fact that he scored a lot of goals. would have a positive effect on the club’s affiliation with the score table ranking must be good accordingly because when you score a lot of goals The rank of the scoreboard would naturally go up, going to Danilo and Supachai, who scored 10 goals each in the Thai League battle. and the affiliation of both of them holding the leader of the crowd and the deputy leader of the crowd

6. The person with the most assists

– Chakraphan Kaewprom (Ratchaburi) and Suphanat Mueanta (Buriram)
Two stars who are beloved by fans “Thunder Castle” past and present Must admit that the arrival of Chakrabhand Kaewprom has affected Ratchaburi FC a lot, or simply called the positive direction rather than the negative, of course. And there is a trick more than scoring goals is to create opportunities for the team. both are great

7. Most clean sheets

– Michael Falkesguard True Bangkok (8 games) This is one factor that makes the team fly high. And has a great performance is to make the team lose less goals by a repeat. In the last season of Falkesgaard, he left a memorable performance for Bangkok by reaching 8 clean sheets from 15 games played against the post in the first leg.

8. Always the most
– Port Authority, Muang Thong and Khon Kaen (7 games), although it is a team that is hard to lose And is a team that plays consistently the most. But having a draw of 7 games and collecting 7 points does not help the team have a good performance enough to squeeze in the Asian football quota area or escape relegation. Because it is a lot of points dropped and lost. instead of winning

9. Most Consecutive Wins

– Chonburi 6 games (August 31 – October 9, 2022) is the beginning of the season where Chonburi FC has a ready-made force. And there is no problem with the club. He performed brilliantly for one team, reaching the top of the table for several weeks before his late performance plummeted in the face of a young-focused team. And there are problems outside the field that make the mind not with the flesh and body It’s effective I’m sure.
The results of the 6 games that they have collected 3 points in a row are as follows:
– won BG Pathum 1-0
– won Lamphun 2-0
– Win Prachuap 1-0
– won Muang Thong 5-1
– Won Nong Bua Pitchaya 2-1
– won Khon Kaen 3-0

10. Most spectators in the stadium per game

– Buriram 1 – 1 Muang Thong 11 September 2022 (25,943 people) must accept no matter how many eras, what years The meeting between Buriram and Muang Thong is still the red heat in Thailand that can always call the audience, even if kicking at the Chang Arena or Thunder Dome Stadium, tickets will be sold out in the blink of an eye.

11. Entering the field at the youngest age

– Thinaphat Yuyen, a rising star from Ratchaburi FC, who entered the field in the game against the Port Authority, was sent as a substitute during the second half at the age of 16 years, 8 months and 23 days, considered the youngest player to have the opportunity to enter the field. this season too

12. Entering the field as the oldest

– Sinthaveechai Hathairattanakul, a veteran Dan Dan from Police Tero, who enters the field at the pole at the age of 40 years, 8 months and 40 days, the oldest age can be none other than this person. Although many of my friends have already stopped playing a lot. but referred to still And maintain the standard of their own form of play as well

13. Best Value (Foreigners)

– Goran Kausic (Buriram) Although he debuted with a bad performance with a red card in the Daikin Cup, but after that it’s like a brutal form of explosives. with shooting up to 9 goals, despite playing in midfield and is leading the team to chase the club’s 8th championship

14. Most Amazing Team (First Leg)

– Ratchaburi FC before the start of the season, no one expected that a team like the Dragon King would have a great performance like this, hard to lose and in the house can eat everything. Which games should have points? Which game should win, do not miss, causing Ratchaburi’s performance to fly high with rank 3 in the table and also comes with statistics for losing the fewest goals in the league as well But to be honest, this season also adds an excellent army. and at the right point, at the right time Whether it’s Jakkrapan Kaewprom to fill the midfield, get Chun-Huang to tighten the defensive nut, and plus Alvin Fortes, who adds another dimension to the offensive game instead of the old one. forget it

15. Most Disappointed Team (First Leg)

– BG Pathum United before the start of the season was almost raised as a favorite team, 1 favorite, 2 team that has a chance to snatch the championship with Buriram for a long time. Had to sacrifice the head coach despite the player resources. From goalkeepers to strikers, BG Pathum has a squad that every club will envy. But instead made a lot of work in the opposite direction in the first leg, with 7 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses, with up to 15 points away from Buriram, despite the Thai strength of BG Pathum almost superior. But the work is seen

This is a complete overview of the best in the first leg of the past 15 games in perspective. and my thoughts Wait for the fun to continue in the second leg. January next year believe it will be fun And definitely more fun

– P, a football watcher –

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