the most listened to artists in France on Spotify

With many personalities from rap and hip-hop, urban music largely dominates this ranking, listing the most listened to titles in France in 2020 on the platform.

Urban music has taken over the musical landscape, hoisting its artists to the top spots of the best-selling albums and online plays of recent decades. It is therefore no big surprise that rap dominates the ranking of Spotify, listing the most listened to titles in France in 2020.

Jul and his song Organized band, which brings together several Marseille rappers such as Soso Maness, Alonzo or SCH, is at the top of the list. A feat for this title released on August 15. Behind him, we find The Weeknd with Blinding Lights (the only international artist on the list), joined in third place by the revisited version ofAngela by rapper Hatik (seen in Valid).

Do not come back de Gradur and Heuss l’Enfoiré, as well as Letter to a woman by Ninho, complete this Top 5 most listened to songs.

Women not far behind

Among the five most listened to female artists in France this year, singer Aya Nakamura and her song Jolie nana, released July 16. This is followed by the young American

, then by Angèle who took third place on the podium with her hit Yes or no.

Spotify has nearly 320 million users per month, and is spread across nearly 92 countries. The platform also indicated that many monuments of French song had resurfaced, in recent months, in the Top 100 of the most sought-after artists such as Celine Dion, Johnny Hallyday, or even Jean-Jacques Goldman. Michel Berger and Francis Cabrel have seen their listenings doubled since 2019. The fruit of many confined karaoke?


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