the most mature prospect wants to tear everything up in the NBA

Unsurprisingly, Jabari Smith Jr. is indeed the son of Jabari Smith, a former NBAer who notably worked for the Kings and the Sixers. He is also the cousin of Kwame Brown, the first pick of the 2001 Draft seen as a bust. The interior could also be called first by Adam Silver next week, and therefore already has the elements in hand not to make the same mistakes as the cousin during his rookie year.


  • Age: 19, born on the same day as Trajan Langdon, Mike Bibby and Robert Pattinson. We’ll let you find the odd one out.
  • Position: Strong winger who artillery strong.
  • Height: 208 centimeters, what is the size of the shooter rebound that we could see at the Tokyo Olympics
  • Weight: 99 kgtwo quintal burgers.
  • Wingspan: 215 centimeters
  • Statistics 2021-22: 17.1 points at 42.9% shooting including 42% from the parking lot, 7 rebounds, 1.9 assists in 32 minutes of play on average over the season.
  • Comparison : LaMarcus Aldridge and Ceiling, Jaren Jackson Jr. and planer?
  • Prévision TrashTalk : 1ère place


Jabari Montsho Smith Jr. was born and raised in Fayetteville, Georgia. With a father playing in the NBA in very fine franchises, little Jabari begins to dream of living off the orange ball like dad. So the father decided to instill in him the values ​​necessary to succeed in this environment from an early age: hard work and humility. The kid has also told in several interviews that from the age of five, his father made him climb very high stairs, repeating to him that nothing would be given to him. The mentality that he has and that he will take with him to the NBA was therefore not built in a day, and his father built over time his greatest quality, knowing that this would bring him to the highest level. In high school he will perform on the side of Sandy Creek in Tyrone, Georgia, his seasons are incredible but Jabari keeps his feet on the ground. the “Forever Humble” tattooed on his chest reminds him of all the extra workouts, all the hard work to get here. After graduating from high school, the sixth-best recruit in the 2021 high school class according to ESPN decides to fly to Alabama and Auburn University.

Upon arrival at the Tigers, the 2021-22 roster announces the heavy to come, the potentially titular racket is frightening. Alongside one of the best recruits in the history of the college, added Walker Kessler in transfer from the mythical program of North Carolina, and who will be at the end of the season elected national defender of the year with 4.5 blocks (!) average. The season is good as announced: the star freshman takes Auburn to its first title ofAP Number 1 in history, that is to say to be the best program in the country according to the press. He also became the second freshman in the history of the NCAA to record more than 70 3-pointers and 100 free throws in a season, the second of the club alongside a former Texas is Mr. Kevin Durant. After their SEC regular season title, their conference, Jabari Smith Jr. was voted SEC Freshman of the Year and became a member of the conference’s First Team. Nationwide, he was named to the All-American Second Team alongside Chet Holmgren and Jaden Ivey, he was also an unfortunate finalist in the race for the Karl Malone Award. As for March Madness, Auburn’s racket shines little and is eliminated in the second round by Miami. What is certain is that the rarity of the interior profile has impressed in the NCAA and will continue to surprise in the NBA. Here are some images to make you realize that this kid is truly one of a kind.

Jabari Smith Jr. has won the hearts of many franchises with his mind. LHis mindset has been present since he was very young, and it is mainly reflected in his impeccable work ethic. Position 4 is a big competitor who never wants to lose and who does not hesitate to trashtalk when the match heats up: this kind of surly player that the fans love. If he lands in a franchise without a real strong leader, his unwavering motivation will rub off on his teammates. On the defensive side, the Tiger is very good. He has a very good mobility which allows him to defend on smaller than him, and large arms perfect for intercepting balls. His defense in the post is also very good and allows him to have the right timings to go up against, 1 per game on average next to a pivot who does just that, it’s not so bad. As for the offensive aspect and more specifically shooting, Jabari Smith Jr. is an already established three-level scorer. He knows how to shoot from the parking lot at high volume, with 5.5 attempts per game and 42% success on average. As you have seen previously, the strong winger is not even afraid to take them first. His mid-range shooting is not yet at his prime but has improved throughout the season, and when it comes to inside play, his footwork is very good. As for the aggressiveness towards the circle, we’ll let the images do the talking.

However, there are still many uncertainties about his attacking game. If he wants to attack the circle by making the difference from the start, he will have to gain in explosiveness on the first step of the drive which today is still too slow. Also to be more effective in his creation of shots, he will have to work on his dribbling because in college it was still too high and not developed enough. As for creating shots for others, his passing game isn’t ready for the NBA just yet. From the position, they are excellent for bringing out the balls on 3-point shooters on large corners. But as for the rest of the game placed, the assists are too phoned and his game becomes too predictable. On the other side of the field, Jabari Smith Jr. doesn’t yet have the muscles developed enough to be effective on circle protection. After one or two additional weight training sessions, especially on the upper body, the strong winger should avoid exploding at the slightest contact against the strongest pivots in the League.


Points forts :

  • Three-level shooting
  • Mobility in defense
  • Mind set

Weak points :

  • Handle
  • Passing game
  • Circle Protection


  • ESPN announces Jabari Smith Jr. in 1st position.
  • Bleacher Report announces Jabari Smith Jr. in 1st position.
  • The Athletic announces Jabari Smith Jr. in 1st position.
  • Draft Room announces Jabari Smith Jr. in 1st position.
  • Tankathon announces Jabari Smith Jr. in 2nd position.

Jabari Smith Jr. is truly a rare profile that intrigues the three franchises that will pick first in a week. Between his mind forged since childhood, and his unique shooting skills among all the interiors of the vintage, Orlando will have a difficult choice to make. Between the originality of the former Auburn and the diamond Chet Holmgren who still needs to be polished, the Magic could well take all the time granted by the League to choose its new nugget.

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