The most recent news from Guy Lafleur

Even though Guy Lafleur is greatly affected by the disease, he continues to fight like a warrior.

His son, Martin, gave the most recent news about his father in an interview with Jean-Charles Lajoie on Wednesday.

“He’s fine despite the circumstances. These are very difficult times for him and his family at the moment. We keep good morale and we take it one day at a time. We are so well surrounded with the CHUM and the Canadians who are behind my father. It helps a lot. ”

Martin Lafleur thanked the many supporters of the Canadiens who send messages to their idol. This wave of love is making a real difference, he says.

“You can never imagine being told a piece of news like that. To see the support of the public and all the love it receives, we do not have the words to describe what it can bring. “

Asked if he felt his father was vulnerable, Jean-Charles Lajoie’s guest said the Quebec legend faces the challenge he must overcome with a winning mentality.

“My father is a fighter. No matter what he did, he fought all the time to the end. He is a man of convictions. It is certain that it is difficult. We all have ups and downs dealing with it, but I see someone fighting for their life. It takes someone very strong to do all the treatments and the whole process to heal this disease. ”

Martin Lafleur also returned to the moving ceremonies to honor Guy when the QMJHL withdrew his number.

“It was really amazing to experience this as a family and to see all the tribute given to my father for his career at the junior level. I was happy that my daughter could go through this, even though she is very young. It was absolutely touching. ”

See the interview in the video above.


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