The most rogue hole turns ten years old and moves



On September 8, 2011, a hole was opened in Madrid, specifically halfway between Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Tirso de Molina, and ten years later it has still not been covered. Although the situation has changed; He is now in Delicias, near the Railway Museum. That primitive hole had a master of ceremonies named Paco Leon; The current one has several artists exercising this role: Álex O’Dogherty, Miguel Lago, Víctor Palmero, Eva Isanta …

We talk about ‘The Hole X‘, with which one of the three marquees of the Ibercaja Delicias Space, the Gran Cabaret, is inaugurated. It celebrates the ten years of this show, “a mixture of circus, burlesque, theater, cabaret, music and humor in a fun, rogue, provocative and very sensual tone”, according to its creators, led by the theater group Yllana -with David Ottone, its artistic director, as figurehead- and the producers Iñaki and Gorka Fernández, de Let’s Go.

The cast includes Vinila from Bismark, in the role of Madame; Arnau Lobo, Carlos Valledor, Omar Atxundia and Edgar López as the butlers; Arantxa Fernández and Coral Quiñones as the Powerpuff Girls; Nacho Sánchez as the Crazy Pony and Julio Bellido as Almon; Donet Collazo as Supergold, Oleg Tatarynov with your Bath Pole Aereo number; and Fima and Eugenio will be the Duo Flash. A Marylin in an Aerial Ring played by Dylia and Aria Bedmar and Maru Limeres will play the X Girls.

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