The MOT 2022 will delve into the rural world through literature

One of the first confirmed names of the MOT 2022 internationally is that of Selva Almada

The eighth edition of the festival MOT will delve into the rural world from literature under the motto ‘Al camp‘. The contest, curated jointly by the publisher and translator Maria Bohigas Sales and the philologist Roser Vernet Anguera, will be held from March 17 to 26 a Olot i Girona and seeks to emphasize how and from where literature is made about the rural world. For two consecutive weeks, various conversations and literary activities will be offered in which forty guest authors will take part, in a festival that will contrast “diversity and look for bridges”. The MOT 2022 has invited international and national authors who give voice to different ruralities in their literature. The first names confirmed internationally are Rainforest Almada i Fernanda melchor and in the national they stand out Xuan Bello, Anna Ballbona, Raül Garrigasait, Mercè Ibarz, Toni Sala i Maria Sanchez.

The festival will take place from March 17 to 19 in the hall Turin of Olot and from the 24th to the 26th of March in the Carles Rahola Library of Girona. As usual, conversations between authors and specialists will form the core of the MOT’s programming, which will run from Thursday to Saturday for two consecutive weeks. In addition, on Saturday mornings will take place on Ver-MOT, a more relaxed encounter between three or four authors around a vermouth. In Olot it will be done in the bullring and in Girona, in the neighborhood of Santa Eugènia. Beyond the two weeks of the MOT, the festival is complemented by projects such as The Voices of the MOT, the Prologue to the MOT or public library reading clubs. It is also aimed at younger audiences with the MOT INS, literary experiences for high school and high school students. Finally, the activities that will be gathered under the umbrella of the will complete the contest + MOT, organized by entities and associations in relation to the theme chosen this year in each of the two cities.

The MOT is now in its eighth edition with a consolidated audience and continues to have as its main objective to encourage reading and literary dissemination by bringing top-level writers closer together. The festival was born in 2014 and, curated by David Roas, devoted himself to fantasy literature. With the 2020 shutdown due to the pandemic, 2021 resumed with Gloria Bosch as a curator and addressing the process of artistic creation under the motto ‘To create. A collage that grows with words‘. The MOT is organized by thetown hall of Girona and Olot, and has the support of the Girona Provincial Council and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in addition to links with other public and private institutions related to culture.


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