The motive of a 16-year-old boy breaking into the AGO Website: Fun

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

attorney General’s Office said that the boy with the initials MWF (16) is suspected hack and selling databases or databases belonging to the RI Prosecutor’s Office to carry out their actions to fill their spare time.

Moreover, during the online school period during the current corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

“Just for fun, because time and education are now virtually here, “said the head of the AGO’s Legal Information Center (Kapuspenkum), Leonard Eben Ezer Simanjuntak to reporters at the AGO Complex, Jakarta, Friday (19/2).

It is known that MWF broke into a number of data from the Indonesian Prosecutor’s Office and sold them through online forums. At least 3,086,224 data were compromised and traded at a price of around Rp. 400 thousand.

However, Leonard ensures that the data taken by MWF can be accessed directly on the official website of the RI Attorney General’s Office and is not directly related to the prosecutor’s staffing database.

In addition, information on cases posted on the site can also be accessed by the public. Leonard said, all of his actions were carried out during his spare time.

“He made up holidays. His father has retired, his mother is still working, so he’s just playing around,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the press conference, the AGO also brought MFW’s parents, Edi.

Edi admitted that he did not supervise his child. As a result, Edi apologized to the law enforcement institution.

“Therefore, we and my son came here without coercion. It also happens that the service at the AGO is not playing. I admit my child is wrong. My child is still underage and I also admit that he lacks supervision,” he said .

It is known that MWF and his parents were brought to Jakarta from Lahat, South Sumatra on Thursday (18/2). They were questioned by the Attorney General’s Office after they were identified.

However, Attorney General ST Burhanuddin gave instructions not to continue the legal process against MFW. This is because the perpetrator is still a minor and has promised not to repeat his actions again.

“And the concerned parent on our left has also made a statement that will directly educate and control the child not to do hacking as it happened,” he added.

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