The mouth could pass the bill to Quinteros: ANFP studies complaint after DT sayings | Soccer

The technician of Colo Colo, Gustavo Quinteros, ignited the controversy after equality before Catholic University, pointing out that there is ‘something strange’ against the albos, after a hand of Raimundo Rebolledo that the referee Eduardo Gamboa did not sanction.

“Here there is something strange, dark against Colo Colo and it worries me. We get penalties like (Miguel) Pinto against Palestino who was not, they saw him 150 thousand times. I’m going to campaign to collect all the plays and save them. I have to defend myself, I have to defend work. There is something very strange, ”he said.

The ANFP did not take long to react and responded to the chieftain’s DT, pointing out that “in Coquimbo they say that they are helping Colo Colo and in Colo Colo they claim that they are being harmed,” they revealed to El Mercurio.

Furthermore, the Referees Commission clarified that Gamboa’s decision not to collect that hand was correct. “The hand exists, of course, but you have to interpret it and the decision was the right one. That the VAR had not intervened was also correct: the judge sees the hand, interprets that it is not a fault and communicates that to the VAR booth. And in the VAR, for their part, they do not observe a clear and obvious error ”.

In the ANFP they think that it is time to stop with this type of criticism and, like Matías Cano (Coquimbo goalkeeper who launched against the ANFP), Quinteros could go to the Disciplinary Court.

However, the only difference between both cases (Quinteros and Cano) is that the coach did not directly criticize the ANFP, he only mentions it, something that the goalkeeper did.

Anyway, this Tuesday Pablo Milad | and his board of directors will analyze the issue and decide whether Gustavo Quinteros is called to the Court or not.


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