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Cao Bingkun, known as the “golden supporting role” of the domestic drama, released the finalized poster for his first film “As long as you live better than me” today, announcing that it will be screened nationwide on December 31, 2021. Cao Bingkun, who was born in grassroots, has played many lively little characters for more than 20 years, and has a lot of experience in insight and interpretation of low-level characters. In his first attempt to direct and act on his own, Cao Bingkun invited the new acting boy star Tian Haoning, who has participated in “Rock as a Rock” and “Sniper”, the newest girl Lin Boyang and the high-quality popular idol Li Yunrui, as well as a lot of circles. The acting school showed good tears together.

In the poster, the father and son hugged each other tightly, and tears came out of their eyes. The moving pictures of love and tears also made the audience more curious about the story behind it. The film revolves around the “father-son relationship”, cultivating realist themes, focusing on small people, and showing the plight and salvation of ordinary people through their life perspectives.

The most tear-jerking realism family masterpiece of 2021. Behind the close embrace of father and son is a guardian with all-out efforts

The movie

The movie “As long as you live better than me” tells the story of the takeaway Cao Dewang (Cao Bingkun) due to an accident and must try to send his dependent son Cao Sheng (Tian Haoning) into the orphanage. In the freshly released poster, under a beam of warm light, the father held his son tightly with tears in his eyes, and the son was nestled on his father’s shoulders. The father and son were full of emotions, and they were in tears while embracing intimately. It is not unsightly. The father’s heart is heavy and the son’s deep dependence on him. Father Cao Dewang’s tears and firm eyes revealed his father’s determination to protect his son with all his might.

In the poster, the image of two people crying in love and tears, embracing and crying is very heartbreaking, and there is a strong father-son relationship under the warm colors. In the face of sudden changes, how do they respond? Fate and obstacles follow one after another, and the dim light of hope is revealed in the confusion and struggle. Where will the father and son go? Leave suspense for the audience.

The movie

“Golden Supporting Actor” Cao Bingkun directed the tube to focus on the little people interpret the touching family affection beyond blood

The movie

The actor Cao Bingkun, known as the “golden supporting role”, left a deep impression on the audience with the role of the villain Xie Ruolin who loves money and stutters in the TV series “Latent”. Along the way, he conquered the audience with his superb acting skills. In his first attempt to direct a film, Cao Bingkun said: “I have been acting for more than 20 years. I found that many of my ideas cannot be realized by acting as an actor. There can be even greater improvement.”

In recent years, home-made family love movies have frequently appeared. From the touching “mother and daughter love” to the tearful “sister and brother love”, family themes can often reap the tears and at the same time arouse a wide range of audiences’ resonance and discussion. Repeatedly won box office success. The film focuses the audience’s vision on the “father-son relationship” that is often accompanied by but easily overlooked, and it melts the deep understanding of family affection and sharp realistic problems in one furnace: single father group, as the “silent grandeur” in the eyes of the world “Majority”, what are the unspeakable struggles and “secrets”? Speaking of the topic of this movie, Director Cao Bingkun said: “Every one of us has a father. When you were young, you would definitely be separated from your father. But when you grow up, you will find that father is actually a hero. The movie itself is about The story of father and son, big hero and little hero, I want to let the audience appreciate the selfless love of parents through this movie.”

The movie

The movie “As long as you live better than me” is produced by Heli Chenguang International Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Mai Song Film Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Beijing Impact Film Investment Co., Ltd., Boya Universal Pictures (Beijing) Produced by Hainan Heguang Film Co., Ltd. and Beijing Mirimite Film and Television Culture Development Co., Ltd. The movie will be released nationwide on December 31, 2021, so stay tuned.

The movie


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