The moving farewell letter from Nicolas Bedos to his father, Guy

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Comedian Guy Bedos died last Thursday. To pay homage to him, his son, Nicolas, took up the pen to write him a few farewell words. A very touching missive, unveiled this Monday by France inter.

On May 28, it was with a heavy heart that Nicolas Bedos announced the death of his father, Guy Bedos. The comedian died at the age of 85.

This Monday, France Inter released the last words the actor and director addresses to his father. A moving farewell letter read by Augustin Trapenard. Extracts.

Last moments

“One last night near you.” Candles, a little whiskey, your fine, feminine hand that serves mine until the last day of the last day. Your childish look that disarms the kid a little more than I do, “begins Nicolas Bedos.

“Angry at not being able to speak, you send silent kisses to your adored wife, your beloved daughter, at the window on Saint Louis Island, in the sun that you are fleeing from. Silent gestures that make a wonderful noise in our unhappy eyes. “

“You are not far”

The actor and director continues, “We’re going to take you, now, in your stage costume. We’ll take you where you want. First of all at the Saint Germain church, you weren’t very good friends with religions, but the churches, you got carried away. Then we fly to Corsica, to this village that gave you back your Mediterranean of Algiers. “

“We are going to sing with Izia and the Tao, from the Higelin, from the Trenet, from the Dabadie and Nougaro. We’re going to make you violins, a melodrama a capella: you shouldn’t put your grief aside, at the end of an actor. You have to let go of the bravos and occupy each folding seat. It’s their loot, it’s your loot. Especially since I feel that you are not far away … You are not dead: you are finally sleeping. “

The funeral ceremony is scheduled for June 4 in Paris.


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