The municipality of Perwez files a complaint against the former financial director and against X for embezzlement

After long procedures and a complete file sent to the Walloon Region, the decision fell. The financial director of the municipality of Perwez, suspended in 2019 and suspected of mismanagement, is today officially dismissed without notice from his functions.

But the case does not end there and takes a judicial turn. “We have decided to file a complaint with a civil party against this former director and against X for embezzlement, forgery and use of forgery in writing but also for simple theft or theft of use “, explains Jordan Godfriaux the mayor.

As for the Walloon Region, the Ministry of Local Authorities confirms that a supervisory file has indeed been opened on the financial director for suspicion of financial mismanagement. The administration investigated on both charges. The conclusions did not make it possible to overturn the decision of the municipality of Perwez. An appeal from the director had been filed. It was admissible but it was found to be unfounded.

Serious facts

Legal proceedings are in progress. An investigation is currently being carried out with hearings. For the mayor in place for more than two years, this case is considered serious. “One euro of embezzled money is already too much! But I can tell you that the amounts embezzled are important. It’s a lot of money, way too much money”, explains Jordan Godfriaux.

“The total amount at this stage is not determined with precision. We must do further research. And justice is obviously dealing with this point in particular. So I will not comment on the sums of money. discussed”.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Walloon Brabant confirmed to us that a complaint from the municipality had indeed been filed. To be precise, it is a complaint with constitution of civil party. It is now in the hands of an examining magistrate. Theinvestigation is ongoing and there have already been hearings in this case.

The context

In October 2018, the Ensemble! group, an MR-Ecolo list led by Jordan Godfriaux, overthrows the DRC Plus majority in Perwez. Very quickly after the constitution of a new College, audits were launched to verify the accounts of the CPAS but also those of the municipality. The new political leaders believe that there is “gray areas” in the accounts.

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“We had unanswered questions at the start of the legislature, even fears. I don’t think we could know at that time the extent of the problems. These are currently problems that we must manage in addition of the health crisis and everyday worries “, explains Jordan Godfriaux.

The audit on municipal finances is not actually finished. But the majority considered the facts serious enough to act without delay, before the final conclusions of this audit. It is the cabinet of Marc Uyttendaele which represents the municipality in this file.

“Shedding light on this matter”

As for the question of possible complicity or lack of control over the CFO, Jordan Godfriaux remains cautious. “I have been very attentive from the start. If the complaint was filed against the CFO but also against X, it is precisely to shed light on this matter. But I have no certainties and accusations to make at this stage “, concluded the mayor of Perwez.

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