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The murder of a Salzburg doctor prevented

Announced to acquaintances

Apparently planned out of jealousy


When he saw the police officers, the 40-year-old jumped out of the car and stepped over the parapet. (SYMBOL IMAGE)

Apparently out of jealousy, a 40-year-old planned the murder of a doctor in the city of Salzburg the week before. The hospital employee announced the crime to an acquaintance last Friday and said that he would then commit suicide. When the police tried to park him in a parking garage, he jumped down from the fourth floor. The man was seriously injured, the police said.

The 40-year-old waited for the doctor in his car in the hospital’s parking garage. When he saw the police officers, he jumped out of the car and stepped over the parapet.

Attempted murder: knife and letter found

He had two knives and a letter with him announcing his plan. Due to his serious injuries, he is currently unable to be questioned.

The public prosecutor ordered the admission to the prison, but this is not possible for the time being because of the injuries. According to a police spokeswoman, there was initially no evidence of the man’s insanity. It is being investigated for attempted murder.

Help with mental health problems

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