The murder of IU councilor Javier Ardines: a crime out of jealousy and with hitmen comes to trial


Tomorrow the jury will be selected in the process to put the alleged inducer, two hitmen and the intermediary of the crime of the mayor of Llanes on the bench

Javier Ardines, the IU councilor assassinated in 2018.EFE
  • The summary The summary of the ‘Ardines case’: how the Civil Guard resolved the murder of the Llanes councilor
  • Events Four arrested for the murder of the IU councilor in Llanes Javier Ardines: one of them is from his family environment

The small town of Belmonte de Pra, in the Asturian council of Llanes, was located on the map of the black chronicle on August 16, 2018 when the body of IU councilor Javier Ardines was found on one of its roads, a crime that more than three years later put the alleged inducer on the bench, a two hitmen and the middleman.

The trial, for which tomorrow the jury will be selected to decide on a complex plot, will begin next Tuesday with the interrogation of the four defendants, two Spaniards and two Algerians, all of them resident in Biscay, which face individual sentences of 25 years in prison, and will take place during 18 sessions throughout the next month of November.

The pieces of the puzzle to solve the crime of the 52-year-old councilor were not easy for the members of the Polica Judicial of the Civil Guard of the Comandancia de Gijn, to which the troops of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) were added in an investigation that lasted for six months under secrecy and discretion.

The victim was well known for his political side and at first it was investigated a possible revenge for his work in the Llanes Town Hall, where Ardines occupied the areas of Rural Environment, Beaches and Staff in a quadripartite municipal government.

The hypotheses initially focused on possible retaliation for some actions in his area of ​​municipal responsibility, but little by little this thesis was losing force, while the investigations began to be directed towards the personal terrain.

The investigators questioned the closest environment of the one who was the only IU councilor in the municipality and among the suspects came the name of Pedro NA, a personal friend of Ardines and married to a second cousin of his wife, and whom fiscal and the private accusation considered as the alleged intellectual inducer of his death.

The Civil Guard takes one of those arrested for the crime.
The Civil Guard takes one of those arrested for the crime.EFE

Pedro NA knew Ardines well and it was common to see them together because of the friendship and kinship of their respective women when he went with his family to a house he owned located just a hundred meters from the mayor’s house where he spent his vacations and some weekends. of the week near your habitual residence in Amorebieta (Vizcaya), just over 200 kilometers.

Pedro NA was obsessed with the possibility that his wife was maintaining an extramarital relationship with Ardines and jealousy, according to the investigators, could support the passion mobile thesis, which was gaining weight as the police actions progressed.

They concluded that Pedro NA hatched the plan to end Ardines’ life after discovering, in December 2017, that the councilor had a relationship with his wife.

Six months after the murder, and after arduous investigations, the Civil Guard closed the investigation with the arrest of Pedro NA, the alleged intermediary Jess M. and of the Algerians Djilali B. and Maamar K., to which the material author of the murder for hire is attributed.

Crime planning

Ardines’ routines and schedules, which combined his work as a skipper with municipal politics, facilitated the necessary follow-ups to plan and even thoroughly rehearse a plan that was executed on August 16.

Just a few days before, Ardines himself told his wife that when he was going to the port of Llanes to leave with his boat, as he did every day in the early morning, he had come across some construction fences on the rural road. near his house that they had forced him to get out of the vehicle to remove them.

An anomalous circumstance that was repeated on August 16, when again Ardines encountered three construction fences that blocked his way again, but, unlike the previous time, when he got out of the van with the engine running to withdrawing them was surprised by his murderers.

Hit with a blunt object on the head and neck, Ardines was only able to move a few meters until he collapsed, where he was found by a neighbor around 8 a.m.

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