The murder of Romina Ashrafi that has caused outrage at the bloody way in which they ended her life | News from El Salvador

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The 14-year-old girl was murdered by her own father, who alleges that he had to do it to “save her honor.”

Blinded by anger, a father decided to end his daughter’s life in a bloody way, which has caused rejection and outrage.

The macabre murder of Romina Ashrafi adds to the statistics of “crimes of honor”.

The 14-year-old girl’s crime was running away from her home located in the Iranian province of Guilán, with her 35-year-old boyfriend. The girl decided to escape because her father was opposed to her getting married.

According to international media, the couple was detained by the police. And Romina was returned to her parents to be safe; However, despite the fact that the teenager expressed that she feared for her life, her statements were not taken seriously.

Romina’s nightmare came true; and like something out of a horror movie her father, still angry, decided to unload all his hatred against his daughter.

The father would have entered Romina’s room at night while she slept. Then he attacked her brutally and ruthlessly. And with a sharp weapon called a “sickle” he was beheaded.

Still bloody and with the weapon in his hand, the father went out to the patio of his house and turned himself in to the authorities.

The bloody murder was a “crime of honor,” the father alleged. This is a custom that persists in Iran. And it seeks to punish women who have damaged or damaged family honor.

Romina’s father alleged that he had to decapitate his daughter because he had disobeyed her and betrayed his family.

Although the murderer was detained by authorities and faces a sentence of 10 years in prison, Iran’s Islamic Penal Code reduces punitive measures for parents and other family members who are convicted of murder or for physically harming children in cases. domestic violence or “honor crimes”.

Faced with the outrageous fact, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani asked his cabinet to speed up the more severe laws on so-called “honor crimes” amid protests on social media over the murder of Romina under the hashtag of # RominaAshrafi.

Likewise, Iran’s vice president for Women and Family Affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar, announced a special order to investigate the murder, while also requesting the cabinet to expedite and prioritize the relevant bills.



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