the murderous journey of an unemployed engineer

A murderous journey linked to a chaotic professional life? Thursday, January 28, a 45-year-old unemployed engineer shot and killed an employment center advisor in the Drôme and the human resources director of a company in which he had worked in Ardèche. Investigators suspect that his macabre expedition may have started earlier, with a murder and an attempted murder committed Tuesday, in the Haut-Rhin, on two other HRDs.

« Agency closed until further notice. “ A poster soberly testifies to the fear that seized the Pôle Emploi agency in Valence on Thursday. That very morning, a man showed up there, shortly after the opening. It is 8:30 am Patiently, the man waits his turn, declines a false identity and goes to a job search terminal. Neither threatening nor aggressive. Until he slips into a hallway leading to the offices, rushes into one of the closest to the exit, and fires a shot at a 53-year-old counselor, hitting her in the chest. Colleagues will try to resuscitate her before help arrives, in vain.

The man has already left and crosses by car the bridge which separates Drôme from Ardèche, and the city of Valence from its neighbor, Guilherand-Granges. On the other side of the Rhône, he stops at Faun Environnement, a company which notably manufactures garbage dump trucks. He worked there between 2008 and 2010 before being fired, and specifically asks for a manager, absent. He then climbs upstairs, shoots several times on the HRD of the site he touches twice in the abdomen and head, and resumes flight, abandoning his weapon on the spot, a 9 millimeter. 51 employee years will not survive his injuries.

Thoughtful and “premeditated” itinerary

It is 9:15 am The alleged perpetrator gets stuck in a police roadblock on the same Mistral bridge connecting the two municipalities. Earlier, an employee of the Pôle emploi de Valence had the reflex to raise the license plate of his vehicle, allowing the police to chase him quickly. The driver is arrested, and if only one weapon was used for the two victims, a second is found in his car, of the same type and of the same caliber. “Quite silent in police custody”, according to a source close to the investigation, the suspect is a 45-year-old engineer without a job, apparently with no previous history. A “Sports shooter” not married, childless, who lived more than 500 kilometers away, in Nancy in Meurthe-et-Moselle.

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