The museum of the Cathedral of Girona is remodeled and renews the entire exhibition to enhance the Tapestry of Creation

The room where the Tapestry of Creation will be exhibited
Xavier Pi

The museum that houses the treasure of the Girona Cathedral change image. One has been made comprehensive remodeling, both from the interior and from the expository discourse, to enhance the Tapestry of Creation. The works are about to be completed and have cost 1 MEUR. From now on, the visit to Romanesque embroidery will gain light and will be accompanied by an audiovisual to deepen their knowledge. In addition, the entire route through the different rooms has been restructured. There will be specific ones dedicated to the Romanesque temple, the Gothic temple and the cathedral heritage. Half of the pieces that were there until now will be exhibited, following the new museum models. There will be the most iconic, such as the medieval manuscript of the Beatus or the Gothic sculpture of St. Charlemagne.


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