The mysterious case of the plane that took off in New York and landed in Venezuela 37 years later

Time travel is recurring in science fiction movies, but there is a very little known story that involves a very big mystery. An airplane, which left from NY with destiny a Miamilanded 37 years later in Caracas, Venezuela. The trip, which was supposed to last 3 hours, never reached its destination.

the beginning of the mystery. This story began in 1955, when Flight 914 of Pan American World Airways, who was heading to the city of the sun, mysteriously disappeared without leaving any trace. To everyone’s surprise, 37 years after the face of the earth vanished, according to the agency AFPwas captured in 1992 in Venezuela by a flight controller named Juan de la Corte, when the man had a short conversation with the pilot and then he, along with the aircraft, disappeared again.

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The legend of Pan American Flight 914 went around the world and became visible with the series of Netflix Manifest. The fiction, in part, was inspired by the disappearance of the aforementioned plane. Myth or Reality?.

The legend of flight 914

June 2, 1955. Pan Am Flight 914 took off from John F. Kennedy Airport bound for Miami. With 57 passengers and 4 crew members on board, the plane had no problems and, with good weather in the air, it had agreed to reach its destination in approximately 3 hours. Everything was going relatively well, but after a while the signal from the aircraft disappeared. It seemed like another plane crash, and the logical thing to do was to think that it had crashed somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

The search. The authorities of USA They searched for months for the wreckage or any trace of the plane without any luck. The families of the 61 people on board were notified of the worst news and received financial compensation from the airline, according to the Medio Daily Dot.

plane sighted. But in September 1992, a Venezuelan air traffic controller named Juan de la Corte noticed that a plane had appeared on radar out of nowhere, without any explanation. The man thought it was a mistake. After a while, he saw the ship from up close and as it became more visible he realized that it was a McDonnell Douglas DS4 with propellers. It all seemed very strange, since it was a very old flight system.

The news in the newspapers

The news in the newspapers


They thought it was a mistake by the captain and -immediately- the control tower cleared the runway for the plane to land, the plane had no problem touching Venezuelan soil.

According to World NewsJuan told the pilot: “You know that today is May 21, 1992”, but the captain of the aircraft reacted very badly and without waiting for the authorization he led the plane to the runway, landed and minutes later it took off and disappeared from the plane. radar, no traces of that plane were ever found and to this day no one can explain what happened that morning at the Caracas airport.

Fiction on Netflix

Manifest. The fiction centers on the story of some passengers and a crew of Montero Air flight 828 from Jamaica to New York, who after spending just over three hours on the plane, discover upon landing that they had disappeared for more than five years. and the world had given them up for missing.

The characters in this story have a second chance and will try to rebuild their lives while being watched by the Government. However, as they clarify their new realities, a deeper mystery unfolds, one that may mean something bigger than they realize.

This year will premiere the fourth and final season of this story that remained number 1 on the platform streaming in Argentina and is inspired by a true story?.

From then until today, the flight remains an enigma, full of theories. The truth is that the legend of Flight 914 came to light again thanks to the series and it is, without a doubt, one of the greatest unsolved mysteries. Or a great farce?

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