the mysterious message from Ingrid Chauvin

The actress Ingrid Chauvin, star the Tomorrow belongs to us, announced to separate from her husband. The reasons for this break up are not known, but a mysterious message posted on Instagram sows doubt …

“Sometimes our lives need to be completely turned upside down, changed, reorganized … With the father of my son, our paths separate. I have to tell you, without wanting to communicate more. Thank you by advance of your respect which I know immense. I embrace you. Ingrid “. It is through this touching message, published on its account Instagram, that Ingrid Chauvin officially announced his break with Thierry Peythieu, her husband and father of her son Tom. It was last November 11, but since then, the actress, star of the successful TF1 series Tomorrow belongs to us, a deleted his post.

The end of a beautiful love story

Very supported by her fans who follow her in large numbers on her social network, she has since published a video of her little boy, who dances, writing in comment “The only man who delights my heart”. One way to confirm that the separation was taking place. Very modest about their private life, Thierry Peythieu, director on several episodes of DNA, and Ingrid Chauvin, seemed to be madly in love for more than ten years, and it is a real shock that the announcement of their breakup. If the reasons for the end of their love story are not known, a relative of the actress would have confided, in the columns of the magazine Closer, that the revelation of the causes of their rupture would be “the effect of a bomb”. Does, as the character of Chloe, Ingrid Chauvin would be the victim of deception?

Does fiction merge with reality?

In any case, these are the assumptions that can be made after the publication, this Thursday, November 19, 2020, of a very mysterious message in his Insta Stories. Indeed, the actress has posted a mantra (quote calling for reflection, editor’s note). Under his comment “Thoughts, have a nice day”, Ingrid Chauvin wrote: “Meekness triumphs over anger, generosity triumphs over wickedness, truth triumphs over deception …” Should we see a message for the attention of his ex-boyfriend? One thing is clear, the actress is bruised and the recent breakup is painful. Hopefully the support of his fans and friends of the series will help him go up the slope.

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