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the mystery of its origin will be revealed with DNA tests

A multidisciplinary team led by the professor of Forensic Medicine at the University of Granada, José Antonio Lorente, will undertake the genetic analysis of the bone remains of Christopher Columbus using the latest technologies to try to know their true origin, within the framework of a ambitious project in which five genetic identification laboratories from Europe and America will participate and which It could be completed by October 12.

In this way, the final phase of a research project that has remained “stopped” for the last 16 years is resumed, waiting for technological advances that would allow it to face this process with “certain guarantees”, as detailed this Wednesday at a press conference in Granada doctor Lorente.

Mysterious origin

Christopher Columbus died on May 20, 1506 in Valladolid, leaving his true origin as a question. The most widespread idea is that he was a Genoese (Italy) son of a family of weavers, but there are numerous theories that have questioned his birthplace. Some of them locate their origin in different parts of Spain, but many others point to places like Portugal, Croatia and even Poland.

The final phase of this project will be possible after almost twenty years ago Dr. Lorente led the multidisciplinary team that managed to exhume the admiral’s tomb, located in the Cathedral of Seville, and extract part of the remains for further study.

Bone remains

Thus 515 years after his death, the skeletal remains attributed to the discovery of America, his son Hernando and his brother Diego will leave the security camera of the University of Granada to be analyzed at the university itself and transferred to other identification laboratories. genetics from Europe and America. Two of them, one located in Florence and the other in the United States, will work “in isolation” and independently “.

Two other laboratories, one in Rome and one in Mexico, will support this work, while the team will also be in contact with another center specialized in genetic identification. The objective is to obtain “as much information as possible”, so that when the process is finished the different centers can share the data obtained and draw conclusions.

30,000 euros budget

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Lorente acknowledges that there are “limitations”, the worst scenario being that none of the laboratories can obtain the DNA necessary to face this study, which has a budget of about 30,000 euros. “We are not going to force the circumstances that may lead us to a wrong conclusion and that at some point someone can say that what was done was wrongly done,” Lorente added to stress the rigor with which this phase is being faced.

Its promoters affirm that it is the “most ambitious” scientific investigation on the origin of Columbus, which compiles the work developed by the different theses that have emerged so far. Valencia, Portugal, Catalonia, Galicia, Navarra or Mallorca will be some of the possibilities that will be comparatively analyzed by Dr. Lorente’s team.


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