The mythical voice of ‘Know and win’, Juanjo Cardenal, retires

Juanjo Cardenal along with Pilar Vázquez and Jordi Hurtado on the 15th anniversary of the program. / victims

His substitute will be the presenter of ‘Cifras y letras’, Elisenda Roca

After more than 24 years asking endless questions, the voiceover of ‘Know and win’ is retiring. The program has decided to pay tribute to him with an edition dedicated to him this Wednesday. The sage of knowing and winning will be replaced by Elisenda Roca, another historic television contest.

Juanjo Cardenal leaves TV at 71 years old (1950) and since his main passions are poetry and literature, the questions of the special will revolve around this theme. He was one of the main protagonists of the program along with the long-lived presenter Jordi Hurtado, both of whom met on the program ‘If I know it, I don’t come’.

Many know how to identify his characteristic voice from having listened to him for so many afternoons in the historic program of La 2, however, he has shown his face on few occasions. If the program began in 1997, its first appearance on the big screen would not be until ten years later, in 2007 during the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the contest.

The gap left by Juanjo will be filled by a substitute at his height: Elisenda Roca (58 years old). The journalist has ample experience in television contests. She was the presenter of the program ‘Cifras y Letras’ for six seasons and was also in charge of ‘The seconds count’ of Antena 3 and ‘At ten at home’, another RTVE program.

The presenter left clues on her social networks about the new challenge she was going to face, but no one knew how to decipher them. On June 27, he published a photo with Juanjo Cardenal with a text that read: ‘Fantasy! And up to here I can read. ‘ An image that confirms that Juanjo has been teaching and advising Elisenda. She herself published on Twitter that she faces this new stage with great enthusiasm, enthusiasm, respect and with the advice that her predecessor has given her.

For the moment, although Juanjo Cardenal has already announced his retirement, it will not be until next August 23 when we can begin to listen to the new voice of ‘Know and win’.


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