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The Namurois Paul Lannoye, one of the founders of Ecolo, has died

“Paul opened up during the 70s political paths of ecology, which prove to be more decisive to this day”, write “in the name of his fellow travelers” MM. Defeyt and Lambert.

Born in 1939, Paul Lannoye had a doctorate in astrophysics, a diploma obtained from the Free University of Brussels. He was associate head of research at the mathematics department and at the physics institute at the ULB from 1974 to 1977. Between 1979 and 1986, he was a researcher at the university faculties of Namur.

In 1975, he founded the Belgian section of the association “Les Amis de la Terre” and participated in the creation of the Ecolo party in 1980. He was its federal secretary from 1980 to 1983, then from 1985 to 1988. In 1982 , he was elected municipal councilor in Namur, a position from which he resigned in 1988 when he was co-opted senator.

European Parliament

In June 1989, he was elected to the European Parliament, where he was re-elected in 1994 and 1999. He chaired the European Green group from 1990 to 1994 and from 1999 to 2001. He was “particularly attached to issues dealing with energy policy , bioethics, food quality, public health, the common agricultural policy, the globalization of the economy and the democratization and enlargement of the European Union ”describes his published biography on the Walloon Region website.

Since 2004, he no longer held a political mandate but had participated in the founding of the Rassemblement R, which presented candidates in the 2014 ballots. In 2004, he set up the think tank and action for an ecological policy ( Grappe), which he chaired.

“It leaves an immense intellectual heritage, which could be summed up in a deep critical reflection on the direction of progress of humanity and society. His action and his thoughts have not been relaxed, ”commented MM. Defeyt and Lambert, who send their thoughts to those close to Paul Lannoye.

” A pillar ”

“It is with sadness that the great family of Belgian environmentalists learned of the death of Paul Lannoye, one of its most eminent founding members”, react, in a press release, the co-presidents of the Ecolo party. “Paul, the pioneer, was for a long time one of the main intellectual pillars of our movement”, greet Rajae Maouane and Jean-Marc Nollet.

“Through his publications and his political action, he has largely contributed to the emergence of new environmental concerns and a radical critique of our mode of development, particularly in the field of prevention in terms of environmental health and food”, continue- they.

His rigor “his own” could “make compromise at times difficult but also made it an intellectual benchmark for many environmentalists”, admit the faces of the Ecolo party. “Our paths have taken different directions from 2005; not about the horizon but about the best ways to win the political battle in society. Paul has always remained this activist mobilized in favor of ecology, this critical spirit having the firm will to make the world more livable for all. In this sense, he continued and will continue to illuminate our path. ”



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