The Nanjing Athletics World Championship postponed by the coronavirus

The coronavirus impacts fully on the sport. He was first the women’s basketball pre-Olympic, also the Ski World Cup, and now it’s up to athletics. The Indoor World Championship that was to be held from March 13 to 15 in Nanjing, 500 kilometers from Wuhan, is postponed until 2021. This was announced by the International Federation in a statement:

“We know that China is doing everything possible to contain the virus and we support all its efforts from here, but it is necessary to protect the athletes. The medical services councils, which are in contact with the World Health Organization, say that the spread of the coronavirus in China and outside of China is still a major problem.

The possibility of relocating the event to another city has been considered and we would like to thank the cities that have volunteered. However, given the circumstances surrounding the advance of the virus, it has been decided to postpone the championship to another date later. The calendar is very tight and we believe we are able to find a place in 2021. We want Nanjing to be the headquarters and we offer an extensive plan and preparation to get everything ready.

We have decided to cancel the championship because of what it would mean for our athletes and together we work to ensure a date in 2021 to celebrate them ».


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