The national caravan on the Sahara stops at the local prison of Laâyoune

The national caravan on the Moroccan Sahara in penitentiary establishments, which takes place from May 31 to November 6 under the sign: “The national cause, belonging and pride”, stopped on Friday at the local prison of Laâyoune, penultimate stage of his tour.

This initiative is part of the program of the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) which aims to rehabilitate prisoners, reintegrate them into society and strengthen their spirit of citizenship.

The regional director of the Prison and Reintegration Administration in Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra, El Hassan Ba ​​C heikh, indicated that the organization of this national caravan launched by the DGAPR aims to develop the spirit of citizenship and pride of belonging to the Nation among detainees.

This caravan, organized under the sign “The national cause, belonging and pride”, aims to give the penitentiary institution, its executives, its employees and its inmates, the opportunity to contribute with their various creativity to express their opinions on the first national cause, he added, noting that as part of this caravan, many cultural, sporting and educational activities were organized, in addition to a scientific conference and training workshops in the fields of music, mural painting, plastic arts, Arabic calligraphy, folklore, physical expression and chess, for the benefit of the residents of this institution.

And to emphasize that this caravan, which started on May 31 at the local prison of Oujda before stopping over in some twenty penitentiary establishments, will close its activities at the local prison of Dakhla on the occasion of the celebration of the anniversary of the glorious Green March, allowing inmates to express their patriotism and their constant desire to defend the homeland and its sacred causes.

The stage of Laâyoune, in which human rights actors and representatives of civil society took part, was marked by the organization of a scientific conference on the theme “The Moroccan Sahara: constant development and international support ”, with the participation of a group of academics and researchers whose interventions focused in particular on the new development model, international support for the national cause, and the Kingdom’s efforts for the development of the southern provinces , in addition to the presentation of a theatrical play by the detainees of Laâyoune entitled: “Un moment” as well as the distribution of prizes and certificates of recognition to the participants.

This caravan aims to strengthen rehabilitation and education programs for the benefit of residents of penitentiary establishments, by emphasizing the values ​​of patriotism to contribute to the defense of the national cause, able to strengthen the chances of rehabilitation and reintegration of these prisoners into society.

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