The National Court discovers that the CDR reported to Carles Puigdmeont

The analysis of telephone conversations intervened to the radicals reveals that they consulted their strategy with the former 'president'

Former president catal

The former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, in an independence protest, on October 15, in Brussels.

The macro-investigation conducted by the National Court reveals that the members of the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR) "promptly reported" their strategy and main steps to the formerpresidentCatalan escaped Carles Puigdemont.

According to sources of the investigation to THE WORLD, the analysis of the telephone communications intervened to the radicals – carried out by the Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court, in coordination with the Treasury and the Civil Guard – concludes that the CDR they accurately and consistently told the expresidentCatalan fled from the Spanish Justice in the Belgian town of Waterloo.

The researchers suspect that the CDRs follow a "clear political guideline" to act in an "organized and coordinated" manner. This conclusion has been reached after the analysis of the telephone punctures carried out on those investigated to prepare actions of a terrorist nature on the occasion of the notification of the sentence of the procs by the Supreme Court.

In this sense, during the last months, the investigated CDRs made several references to the communications they have with Puigdemont, who, according to themselves, were informing their plans to Waterloo.

Criminal liability

For this reason, the Court is currently studying the extent of the eventual criminal responsibility of the formerpresidentIn these facts. The Supreme Court has already issued a new international arrest warrant for the crimes of issuance and embezzlement of public flows.

As this newspaper revealed a few days ago, the investigations have discovered that the CDRs used what they called a "secure telephone terminal" for their conversations with the formerpresidentCatalan The informant sources explain that, despite the continuous allusions to Puigdemont, no direct conversation with him has been recorded.

However, according to this day sources close to the investigation assure, the radicals exchanged with each other the content of the conversations they had with Puigdemont, so the National Court takes for granted the existence of a "political connection" with the group terrorist, who had planned, among other actions, to fly a communications or high voltage tower in the province of Barcelona after the failure of theprocs.

In the so-called telephone punctures it was detected that members of the CDR were making repeated calls to Blgica. The conversations with Puigdemont were implemented through a particular telephone that was not registered in the name of any of the members of the known asERT(Tactical Response Team), the most radical and violent faction of the CDRs, who were arrested last September.

A year and a half of research

There is a circumstance that the Hearing has been investigating for more than a year and a half the cells that integrate the CDR in various related procedures.

It should be remembered that at least two of those investigated have already confessed that they moved to Blgica to meet with Puigdemont and that the prison cars issued by the judgeManuel Garca Castellnagainst the members of the ERT they indicated that this group "organized, planned and executed" a "secret meeting"in itinere"with the ex's sisterpresidentescaped to deliver sensitive documentation and establish "secure communications" with him. The instructor said meeting on September 15, 2018.

In parallel, the investigation has detected the connection of the CDRs with the one known as CNI Catalan, an agency dependent on the Catalan Generalitat, which, in the opinion of the researchers, also supervised and supervised the actions of the radicals.

In addition, next toCesicat, the National Court also suspects the creation of a second Catalan CNI formed by a group of people from the independence environment, outside the Generalitat, but in coordination with it.

For its part, the French Treasury plans to ask the Belgian Justice to execute the Euro-order issued by Spain against Puigdemont and deliver to the Catalan politician by issuance and embezzlement to Judge Pablo Llarena, reportsBeatriz Ros.

According to Carles Puigdemont's lawyer in Belgium,Paul Bekaert, before the closed door hearing in the Council Chamber – first instance court of Brussels – to examine the case on Tuesday. "They ask for extradition for the two crimes," Bekaert said.

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