The National Court orders to expel from Spain a head of the Georgian mafia convicted of laundering, robbery and extortion

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The Second Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court has sentenced Georgian “thief in law” to 5 years and 9 months in prison for money laundering, robbery and extortion, which after being released after a sentence of 7 Years after the “Operation Java” led a criminal organization to steal in inhabited houses and then launder both the stolen products and the profits they obtained with them. Order that he be expelled from Spain along with two of the 27 minions or sentenced collaborators.

The case dates back to 2015, when the police dismantled this organization classified as dangerous and with international connections that had specialized in robberies in inhabited homes. He was arrested in a macro operation with 18 other people and all sent to provisional prison. He was considered one of the leaders of the Georgian mafia in Spain.

However, the Court of Instruction number 43 of Madrid that Diego De Egea directed at that time opted to release them, although the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office indicated the existence of about thirty possible crimes and police reports warned of their danger. As a result, several of them fled and although some were arrested again, two of the investigators identified as more dangerous are still fleeing: Giorgi Chabukiani and Tornike Toroshelidze.

Organized in cells under hierarchy
In total, the National Court tried 27 people, including Darsadze. The ruling, to which Europa Press has had access, assumes that since at least 2012, this “thief in law” led a criminal organization composed of another 20 that was organized and coordinated in cells primarily dedicated to robberies at home private individuals However, he not only supervised, he was also in charge of providing the groups with the necessary tools to carry out the blows, plan them or assist in tasks such as surveillance.

This network is attributed among others, 12 robberies with force in homes in Madrid and Guadalajara, but also illegal possession of weapons, drug trafficking already for the consumption of the assailants themselves as for third parties, and extortion, given that Darsadze “in situations of breach of orders” exercised “intimidation or violence” on the hierarchically inferior members.

Melt the gold and “place it”
At that level below were the collaborators who were in charge of receiving the merchandise, especially jewelry, and taking it abroad using “mules”, selling them to companies selling precious metals or transforming them to “place” them in the market.

For sale, they had the damned Francisco Figueroa, in interlocution with professionals, owners or managers of gold buying and selling businesses. The Chamber states that these people, “without being part of the described criminal organization, contributed to the outcrop by acquiring material stolen by the members of the criminal organization with knowledge of its illicit origin and profit motive.”

As for the transformation, they also relied on the condemned Sigifredo Álvarez, who used different false identities in his daily life and had a structure mounted in Spain and Portugal “that allowed the washing of the irregular origin of clandestine gold and its outcropping to the market in large quantities, which enabled its commercialization and conversion into clean money through and through a system of companies endowed with the appearance of legality ». The court imposes 4 years and 9 months for reception and falsehood.

Other members of the organization, on the other hand, were responsible for laundering and moving the resulting money: Only in «remittances» they moved 647,876 euros in a year and a half (2014 to June 2015) involving 757 different identities in 41 countries, especially Russia , Georgia and Italy.

However, they also handled cash. According to the sentence, the backbone of the criminal activity of the organization was the collection and storage of cash in a “common box”, the “obschak”, where members entered part of their profits, which served to finance the network and that even at European level, it was “controlled by Darsadze”. .


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