The National Tug-of-War Classic ends in Maanshan, the world champion becomes a big winner_Anshan Iron and Steel

Original Title: The National Tug-of-War Classic ends in Maanshan, the world champion becomes the winner

Award ceremony.Photo courtesy of China Tug of War Association

China News Service, Beijing, October 24. A reporter learned from the China Tug-of-War Association that the 2021 National Tug-of-War Classic will be held in the Binjiang Cultural Park of Ma’anshan City on October 23-24. After fierce competition, the world champion Ansteel Zhongyuan City Service Co., Ltd. became the biggest winner with absolute strength and won 4 championships in 5 individual events.

More than 400 athletes from 37 teams from all over the country signed up for the competition. In the most beautiful and professional 8-a-side tug-of-war open finals, the mixed 600kg class was exciting. The finals were held between the world champions Angang and Jiading. Although they were of the same level, judging from the physical appearance of the two teams, the male and female players of the Ansteel team were tall, large and strong. Unsurprisingly, the Anshan Iron and Steel team defeated their opponents without any suspense, and won the championship.

After all the individual finals were over, the organizing committee specially arranged a tug-of-war performance for 100 people. All the team members on the scene put on T-shirts of different colors and were divided into two teams, each with more than 50 people. Following the host’s order, everyone worked together to perform a unique and symbolic tug-of-war performance for the whole people.

The scene of the game.Photo courtesy of China Tug of War Association

The organizer stated that the event has made a useful attempt to further strengthen the promotion and popularization of traditional ethnic sports, making full use of the “ethnic + sports + tourism” integrated development model, especially related activities with the theme of “culture”, making the ancient tug-of-war The movement has given new life.

According to reports, in recent years, the Maanshan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to sports work, and have always adhered to the people-centered development concept. The strength of competitive sports has been improved, mass sports have been widely developed, the power of the sports industry has been improved, sports facilities have been continuously improved, and various sports work have continued. New achievements and breakthroughs have been made. (over)Return to Sohu to see more


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