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The Ministry of Public Health and Population intends to vaccinate 4,500,000 people as part ofa preventive vaccination campaign against yellow fever which will be launched on July 30 in eleven departments of our country.

The director of the Expanded Vaccination Program, Dr. Alexis Mourou Moyoka, announced the imminent launch of a vaccination campaign alongside vaccination against Covid-19. The Ministry of Health and Population will organize the preventive campaign against yellow fever, nationwide, on July 30, he said. Note that this vaccination operation aims to immunize 4,500,000 people aged 9 months to 60 years against yellow fever in eleven departments except Pointe-Noire. Indeed, the Pointe-Noire department had already benefited from such an operation in 2018, and that this vaccine protects for life, recalled Dr. Alexis Mourou Moyoka. The campaign will be free, said the director of the Expanded Vaccination Program. This campaign will take place simultaneously with the campaign against measles. The goal of the measles campaign is to vaccinate all children aged 6 months to 9 years, concluded Dr. Alexis Mourou Moyoka.

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