The Netflix effect: when the commercial power of the platform bursts the screen

Posted on Jan 23, 2021 9:29 AM

“The Netflix effect”, the art of selling a product without saying it… or doing it on purpose. Number 1 on Netflix when it was broadcast in France and the United States, the “Lupine” series with Omar Sy made the general public rediscover the adventures of the character invented by Maurice Leblanc. Even before the release of the reissue of the “Burglar Gentleman”, the book was already at the top of orders on the Amazon and Fnac sites. A marketing coup anticipated by the Hachette editions which collaborated with the American firm to reproduce identically the book strolled by Omar Sy in the series.

But the Netflix effect can also strike without delay. The mini-series “The Queen Gambit” has indeed succeeded in reviving the fashion of chess games. Without any link with the program, the manufacturer Goliath Games has indicated that its chess sales increased by more than 1,000% the month of the release of the series.

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