The Netherlands and Germany coordinate to arrest the group of people who detonated ATMs | Life

German police. (Source: Ibtimes)

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Europe, the police Netherlands On February 2, it said that it had coordinated with German colleagues to arrest 9 people suspected of carrying out a series of cases of using explosives destroy the ATM in Germany to rob money.

The suspects are believed to be members of an organized crime gang that has carried out 50 cases of vandalizing ATMs in Germany with explosives, costing more than 5 million euros.

[Cảnh sát Đức bắt giữ nghi phạm âm mưu bắt cóc Bộ trưởng Y tế]

According to the European Agency for Justice (Eurojust), the alleged suspects traveled from the Netherlands to the German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg to detonate ATMs. Security forces seized 4 kg of explosives.

Dutch police said the suspects were arrested following a joint investigation with German police.

Huong Giang (VNA/Vietnam+)

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