The Nets get closer to Philadelphia – Fil Info – NBA

The Brooklyn Nets signed a sixth win in a row Sunday in the NBA against the Clippers (112-108) and take advantage of their success to pounce on the leader of the conference is Philadelphia, beaten 110-103 by Toronto. With twenty wins each since the start of the season, the two franchises are neck and neck, the Sixers retaining the advantage thanks to their lower number of defeats (eleven, against twelve for the New Yorkers). Third in the East, the Milwaukee Bucks took advantage of their star Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 38 points to dominate the Sacramento Kings 128-115. In the Western Conference, the 24th loss of the season was one too many for Minnesota Timberwolves coach Ryan Saunders, thanked after the loss conceded against the Knicks (103-99).


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