The network showed the first images of the new hatchback LADA XRAY NG

The network showed the first images of the new LADA XRAY NG hatchback.

The new 2022 Lada XRay NG hatchback was shown in photo renderings. Edition published Images domestic designer Nikita Chuiko.

It is noted that the new Lada Vesta, which entered the assembly line at the end of February 2022, has slightly changed in appearance. The novelty received slightly more massive bumpers, new optics, enlarged brand logos, a new body color. There is a high probability that the XRay hatchback will also be updated in the same style. The facelift consists in a more pronounced X-style, characteristic of the new AvtoVAZ models.

There are no images of the showroom yet, as in the case of the Vesta NG – they promise to declassify the interior later. At the moment, it is known that with the update, Lada Vesta in top trim levels will receive a vertically oriented multimedia system tablet and a digital instrument panel.

But you should not wait for such a car on sale, as insiders report that AvtoVAZ does not intend to restyle the hatchback. That is, until the end of the life cycle, which will end in 2025 or 2026, the model will roll off the assembly line in its current form, informs Driving Edition.

Previously, the new 2022 Lada XRay Facelift hatchback was shown on photo renders.

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