“The new approach of the Sade can finally unlock the future of Fine Arts”, says Goia

There have been so many frustrated attempts that the mayor of Donostia, Eneko Goia, prefers to be cautious, but today he has ventured that the future solution for the Fine Arts building «may be closer». Goia says that it is “good news” that the new approach of the company Sade, owner of the property, “contemplates maintaining the building, without tearing it down, and making a tertiary use that would fit in with current regulations.”

The mayor acknowledges that the process is in the initial phase, “but the first approach to the approach is positive, because it seems to fit in with the level of protection of Peppuc.” «La Sade would not demolish any of the elements, it only proposes a small intervention in the side windows to adapt them to the uses, and the building faithful to its current aesthetics would be rehabilitated»Says Goia. On the uses, “it is the company itself that would rule, but within the tertiary nature established by the current planning.” Goia does not dare to speak of deadlines but, “crossing his fingers, just in case”, he does consider that “this time may be the one that is closest to the solution.”

As this newspaper advanced, the Sade’s new approach It rests on two keys: the maintenance and rehabilitation, “with very slight modifications”, of the external elements of the Fine Arts, and the commitment to maintaining the tertiary use, renouncing the residential one. In this way, the owner company renounces to demolish the building and chooses to maintain and rehabilitate it. The plan also includes the replacement of the dome, an element demolished in 2015 for security reasons. Regarding the subsequent life of the building, it would be “tertiary use”, which means ruling out the construction of houses and allowing the plan to continue without modifying the General Plan.


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