Sport The new college baseball wristband rule can frustrate sign...

The new college baseball wristband rule can frustrate sign theft


A new rule to speed up the game could also thwart attempts to steal college baseball characters.

The NCAA allows a pitcher to wear a wristband with a signal card at the start of the season on Friday so that he and the catcher can look into the shelter to receive pitch calls and the catcher no longer has to transfer the call with hand signals ,

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "The theft of characters has been going on since Houston Astros It was found that they used electronics to steal signs during their 2017 World Cup run and 2018 season. “data-reactid =” 33 “> Sign stealing has come to the fore since it was found that the Houston Astros Electronics used stealing signs during their run to the 2017 World Cup and the 2018 season.

The wrist band rule in college baseball was introduced to speed up the process of coaches fetching pitches from the shelter with the introduction of the 20-second boundary between pitches.

“The bracelets with the card that allows you to change each inning make it difficult for people to steal characters,” said John Anderson, Minnesota’s coach. “We are in a similar environment to professional baseball with all of the video systems and cameras and more television programs today.”

Attempts to steal signs have always been accepted in baseball, with coaches and players keeping an eye on the opponent’s mannerisms on the field, the line-up of the catcher, or the movement of the field players, not to mention trying to find hand signals.

“There is a way to choose parking spaces and a way to not select any parking spaces,” said UCLA coach John Savage. ” If you take an unfair advantage from the in-game monitor (TV) or the midfield camera and immediately pass on pitches, I think that’s very unethical.

”Message has been sent. Everyone has been talking about it literally every day since the (Astros) thing came out, and they’re still talking about it and it doesn’t go away. Your job as an employee is to make sure you repair everything you do to give away parking spaces. It was always on the plate. But this other way of doing it clearly crosses the line. ”

An investigation found that the Astros used a midfield camera video feed to display and decode the characters of the opposing catcher. Players slammed into a trash can to signal to their opponents what to expect.

Illegal sign theft was, with one notable exception, not a major problem in college baseball. In 2004, Florida state coach Mike Martin accused Miami of stealing his catcher’s signs using a clubhouse television and walkie-talkies.

According to news reports, Martin said that Miami’s walkie-talkies were on the same frequency as the Seminoles used to communicate with their bullpen. Martin heard a Miami player predict the pitches of a person who appeared to be in the dugout or bleachers, and that person somehow gave a tip. The Atlantic Coast Conference was investigating, but no action was taken.

Bracelets have long been used to play in soccer, with the quarterback receiving a signal from the sideline and then looking at his bracelet to match the signal with the game. Similarly, the pitcher’s bracelet can display numerical combinations for specific pitches, e.g. B. 1-3-1 for a fastball and 5-4-1 for a curve ball.

Numbers can change during the game or even during a bat game to minimize the likelihood of signs being stolen from the opposite dugout, by a runner on the second base, or at worst by someone who is watching the TV show in the clubhouse.

Not all teams have jugs on their bracelets.

“I think it gives them too much on their plate,” said Savage. ” It’s difficult enough to run a playing field, solve problems and navigate through a game. I don’t necessarily want the pitcher to look into the shelter after every pitch and look for a sign. Our job is to develop a system that is really difficult to find, from the pitching trainer I am to the catcher. ”

Anderson is on hold. In Minnesota, the catcher and pitcher call themselves with occasional trainer inputs. Anderson said the system will continue, but is considering having the catcher and jug worn on bracelets and having catcher flashing signs that change due to inning or situation.

I’m afraid we’re moving into this room, Anderson said. ” We are paranoid, no question, so we’ll be careful. If we feel that we cannot keep our children in a position where people do not have our signs, we have to go into that room too. ”

The new rule requires the jug to be on the hill, but not on the rubber when it looks into the dugout and then at its bracelet. In order not to distract the dough, the card must be dark in color and worn on the inside of the forearm and wrist unless the card is covered with a flap.

Savage and Anderson said they suspect, but can’t prove that some of their opponents used technology like TVs in the clubhouse to steal signs.

“When you see boys sitting on playing fields and breaking pretty good balls and changing the number of fastballs, you are amazed,” said Anderson. ” I think we’re all a bit shy about guns because we all know what’s going on. You get a little paranoid just because you know it’s an option. ”


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