The New Entertainment Animation Special Zone will launch Snoopy and Guinea Pig pop-up shops in sequence from the end of April – Bahamut

The “New Entertainment Animation Special Zone” located on the first floor of ATT e Life in Dazhi announced that it will be the first to launch “Peanuts” from April 29, and will further launch “Guinea Pig Car” on May 18. Limited pop-up shop news.

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Global debut! From 4/29 to 5/31, “Peanuts” has a group photo of fans such as “Snoopy Milk Giant Inflatable Doll” over two meters high. In addition to the pop-up store, there are new accessories such as “Snoopy Drinking Milk Tote” and so on. In addition, there is also a chance to twist the world’s limited “Snoopy JOE COOL Wooden Figure” in the gashapon area, fans come and try your luck! 5/18-6/12 “Guinea Pig Car Pop-up Store” is coming! The five check-in points such as the 2-meter-high potato air puppet, the assembly of Shiromo and Teddy and other large-scale plush dolls “Colorful Plush Party Room” will definitely make fans burst! There are also more than 200 pieces of the most complete peripherals, such as the “Guinea Pig Car Wool Felt Handmade Watch” made by handmade wool felt by handmade staff in Taiwan. Felt DIY Material Pack”, and in addition to the two pop-up stores, there are also various soft and cute characters such as the Disney series of press lamps and the daily fluff pillows of the six to satisfy your shopping desire!

Snoopy’s three giant figures appear!Exclusive 2-meter-tall milk-shaped doll fans must shoot and get an exclusive gift when the consumption is full

Super surprise! Super cute! Super healing! The super popular character “Peanuts” Snoopy is coming! From 4/29 to 5/31, Healing will appear in the new entertainment animation special zone event area! Global debut! As soon as you enter the pop-up store, you can see a 3-meter-high snoopy inflatable doll holding a love of precious milk to greet fans; there is also a Snoopy wearing a bright red T-shirt and handsome sunglasses in the middle. Waiting for your photo; don’t forget to go and hug Snoopy standing in a green T-shirt! The three giant dolls have assembled for the first time, and fans must come to take pictures!

  • Snoopy Jane Milk Inflatable Doll

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    Joecool sitting inflatable doll

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    Joecool Standing Inflatable Figure

“Peanuts” pushes Snoopy’s rare milk series around! Snoopy accompanies you to prevent epidemics! “Snoopy Preparing Zhen Milk KF94 Stereo Mask” is printed with the pattern of Snoopy shaking the precious milk, and it is absolutely beautiful when you take it out. Both practical and cute! Do you always run out of storage space at home? “Snoopy Joe Cool Storage Chair” not only has a large capacity space to help you pack small things, but it can also be used as a chair, which is super practical. It’s full of Snoopy fans, so why don’t you come and visit! Do you want to try it out? ? “Peanuts Peanuts Comics” Shake Gacha for as long as 200 yuan, you will have the opportunity to combine the global limited “Snoopy Joe Cool Wooden Doll” (market price NT$2,680) and the limited 2 100 cm “Felix the Cat Doll” (market price) NT$2,999) to take home! 4/29-5/8 in “Peanuts Peanuts” or “WHITE PLAINS” with a single purchase of 2,500 yuan, get 200 yuan, and from 5/9-5/31, get a square soft Georgetown pillow with a single purchase of 2,000 yuan .

PUI PUI! There are 5 major check-in points such as the fluff party room, exclusive co-branded watches, non-watches, and more than 200 most complete peripherals are here!

Where are the friends who like guinea pigs? The soft and healing “Guinea Pig Cars Pop-up Store” will be launched in the new entertainment animation special zone from 5/18 to 6/12! Colorful color design creates five check-in points! The super-giant two-meter-high “Guinea Carriage-Potato” air puppet is a must-have for healing wool rat powder; “Colorful Fluff Party Room” gathers the large fluff of the brave potato, the timid Siramo and the lively Teddy in one go Dolls, mice and mice are definitely warm when stacked together; there is also a limited pinball table in the fun game area to let fans enter the retro time, and there is a “shiny carrot” check-in wall, so that fans can show flashes like guinea pigs after playing games. Group photo with bright expressions; not only easy to buy but also easy to shoot, the co-branded display cabinet of watches and non-watches has been made into a “PUI PUI city street scene”, allowing fans to integrate into the animation scene in one second; the “giant gashapon machine” on the side has more classic pictures A photo wall featuring classic scenes from animations like catching bank robbers, zombies, and lunch for fans to reminisce!

Exclusive limited first sale!The watch is not a watch x PUI PUI guinea pig car craftsman handmade “wool felt handmade watch” fans must grab

Limited to 1,000 pieces in Taiwan! The guinea pig car and the Taiwan innovative watch brand “Biaofei Watch” are the first joint names, and they are exclusively sold in the “Limited Pop-up Store for the Period of the Guinea Pig Car”. The soft and cute look of the car, fans of the exclusive three-dimensional healing wool felt version watch must buy it with a knife! In addition to the brave potato running on the road, the timid Siramo who was accidentally robbed by a robber, and the lively Teddy who is not picky eater 3 fluff styles, there are also 7 collections for fans to collect and satisfy!

First crossover! RakutenMonkey Rakuten Peach Monkey x PUI PUI guinea pig car pop-up shop and Rakuten are on sale at the same time

When you are away from home, you can rely on them to recognize PUI fans! The Chinese professional baseball team “RakutenMonkey Lotte Peach Monkey” and “PUI PUI Guinea Pig Car” are the first cross-border joint names, not only the classic striped “commemorative jersey” but also 3 short Ts, all sizes for adults and children; even more in hot summer Forgot to put on the QQ wool joint “Old Cap” or the handsome “baseball cap” stitched with different materials; in good weather, take the joint “picnic mat” to the park to Chill with the guinea pigs and cars, and even on the prairie Use the joint “Memorial Ball” to show off your skills; the skin-friendly material joint “Aid Towel” allows you to sweat for the guinea pigs and cars! Low-key PUI fans can choose the joint “key ring” and “badge”, and they can also collect the guinea pigs and cars at one time; they can also review the animation together with the joint “cushion pillow” at home! Don’t forget to bring home the joint “puzzle”, 150 pieces to challenge who can complete each guinea pig car fastest!

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Let’s fall asleep together!Excessive cat, help six, Lala bear, Winnie the Pooh and other cute animals accompany fans sweet dreams

Sweet healing dreams depend on them! mine mine’s “Daily Life of Help Six” plush pillow accompanies fans to fall asleep; Shengming Stationery’s “overreacting cat” head-shaped good afternoon double-sided pillow makes you sleep well even when you lie down in the office; play more “Pokémon” Variety Monster 30 cm plush doll, “Lara Bear” 30 cm pink first love doll enter the wonderful and ever-changing dream world with fans; there is also a special 50% discount on Miravivi’s “Disney Shaped Lamp”, allowing Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Light up your midnight!

Create a soft and cute home style!Slime, Corner Friends, Penguin Family, Little Monster Growth Diary Moe the hearts of fans

Soft and cute home style new trend! Be lazy together! On holidays, I hold the Kapok Galaxy Command “Slime Mini Lazy Cushion” and lie on the big cushion of mine mine “Penguin Family” to enjoy the time of chasing dramas; turn your home into an iron powder collection room! Big Bang’s “Thunderbolt Story Q Baowa “Qi Luosheng”, Miravivi “Disney Doll Cans”, Liying International “Corner Friends Ice Cream Shop”, Beast Kingdom and Japan’s Tsuburaya Production Co. “Monster Growth Diary” Plush Doll Series”, bring home four super-popular monsters, Xiao Gemo, Xiao Dada, Xiao Kanai, and Xiao Pigu, to add one more to your collection! Add some cooking fun! Kapok Galaxy Command “Slime” cup set makes the three meals of fans more flavorful!

Healing wind OOTD!Thunderbolt x Chai Quotations, Disney, Overreacting Cats to accompany fans on a trip

Go out to be healed too! It is indispensable during the epidemic. The “Pili x Chai Quotations” mask storage bag keeps your masks for you; to show your fan status, the “Sanrio x Pili” silver deposit and silver pendant set is definitely a must-have for fans to recognize relatives; The magic weapon of sweating, Miravivi “Disney” hand-held USB fan drives away the sweltering heat; Shengming Stationery’s “Overreacting Cat” head-shaped retractable coin purse allows the over-the-top cat to help you guard the change, and then use the “corner friend” for spring outings to watch birds A series of small bags or Kapok Galaxy Command’s “Slime” pocket embroidered denim tote bags and fluffy tote bags are well stored! Easily prepare everything you need, so you don’t have to worry about going out!

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