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Faster and faster! This time is a racing battle with self-esteem? The online strategy RPG mobile game “White Night Aurora” ushered in the latest wave of limited-time events “Go! Go to the end of the world!”. In addition to the new event plot, the revision also added new lights, special gameplay and a new wave Special Events Book, etc.

The opening time of this event is from 12:00 on April 21st to 17:00 on May 9th. The content of this event is easy and fun, and there are many rewards to get, just keep up with the accelerator.


It turned out to be a turn-based battle chess! ? “Tour Dog Cup Desert Rally” officially starts

After a few cataclysms, it’s time to relax, right? The storyline of this event is a lighthearted and humorous route, pulling the stage into the red oil desert filled with smoke and oil.

As always, the revised levels can be divided into two major gameplays: the story-oriented “Wind and Sand” and the challenge mode “Car Scrambling”.

“Wind and Sand” is mainly based on the plot. The navigator and his friends were pushed into the fire pit again for various nonsense reasons. They inexplicably participated in the “Touring Dog Cup Desert Rally” supervised by Roy, and got to know each other again. Several new good friends, and see more old friends unknown side.

In this mode, after each level is passed, rewards such as “Light Poker” and the event item “Check Point” will be given at one time. You don’t need to repeat the challenge, you only need to play it once, which is quite leisurely.



The challenge level “Car Scrambling”, which is open in the second half of the event, is more special: just play the dark ghost who is always beaten, but the content of the level has turned into a round battle chess-style battle with grids?

In this mode, the goal of clearance is to dismantle the car with brute force. The player will control the dark ghost, walk the grid in rounds, try to avoid the enemy’s attack, and walk to the depths of the level to smash the precious racing car into scrap.

Since the configuration of each level is different, the attribute grid connection is no longer used, but the position is directly moved. Compared with the violent solution, how to calculate the movement method, move the position to lure the enemy, and deploy the most efficient car dismantling formation will be the key to the clearance, which is very interesting.




The stage prize shakes your luck

In the previous events, most of the event resources were collected and exchanged directly, but this time the “stage award” is a little different.

First of all, the navigator needs to clear the main line, resources, or specific event levels of the consumption, and collect the event props “checkpoints”.

Then we can use the “Checkpoints” in the “Stage Prize” mode to draw the lottery. Every time the lottery draws, there will be various resources and props that can be obtained, which is guaranteed to win the lottery, but you don’t know what you will get in each draw.

There are three sections in the prize pool, each section has a maximum prize, plus other small prizes totaling about 450 draws, which can all be drawn. Since the prize pool can be switched freely, it is recommended that you take all the prizes from each stage first, and then go back and slowly make up for other smaller resource rewards.

As long as you play the game as usual, you can get a lot of lottery items. It is not difficult to draw all of them. Please don’t miss this opportunity to get a lot of cultivation materials.


Coolness under the scorching sun: Comments on the use of the new light spirits “Qingtong” and “Roy”

In this revision, two new light spirits from the red oil wrench have been added. They are the six-star water light spirit “Qingtong” and the five-star thunder light spirit “Roy”. Both of them pass through the limited-time card pool. get.

The new type of Lighting skill has once again opened up a new team situation. It adopts the optional multi-trigger method, that is, activating the skill is a function. After activation, how and when to trigger can be freely selected, making the team more flexible. .

Scorching Sun and Blue “Blue Eyes” (CV. Yugana)




Just by looking at the card face, you can see that this “big” sister is not simple. In fact, Qingtong is not polite to everyone at all, and she is just full of enthusiasm. If you meet Qingtong in the hot red oil desert, you will only become a little lamb to be slaughtered, led by her nose. Of course, Qingtong’s confidence is definitely based on her strong enough ability.

In terms of light ability, there is only one comment after the test: if you are a water team enthusiast, it is strongly recommended that you must blast.

Qingtong’s active skills can be divided into two stages. The first stage is to use an active skill to cast a “mirage” on a walking grid. When Qingtong is within the range of “Mirage”, it can increase its own attack power through equipment skills, and this range will increase with the number of breakthroughs.

The second stage is to actively trigger the “Mirage” that is already on the field, and choose to cast one of the functions of “Mirage Strike” (Area Attack) or “Mirage Change” (color change). This operation can be performed once per round, and tactics can be freely adjusted according to the situation.

It’s just that the usage conditions of “Mirage” are a bit complicated, such as the replacement mechanism when multiple “Mirages” are deployed on the field at the same time; “Mirage Strike” looks like an area attack but is a single attack, etc. It may take a while to get familiar with it. Fully grasp the timing of use.

The very short CD’s active skills, chain skills triggering, and equipment skills to assist in attack power make Qingtong at the top of the water team in terms of attack and functionality, and currently almost no one can surpass it. Coupled with the super beautiful card face, it can be said to be overwhelming and powerful, and it is a must-have role for the water team.

However, Qingtong has a small disadvantage, that is, he may become an idiot in the “auto-battle” mode. Since Qingtong’s skill trigger timing and location are very strategic thinking, if you want to use her directly to hang auto-battle, you may see a lot of strange skills use, resulting in less powerful than expected.

KitKat Bee “Roy” (CV. Shinichiro Miki)




Veteran Bel Canto CV Shinichiro Miki once again voiced and dubbed the big-muscle handsome man, which was simply mouthwatering.

Roy can be regarded as one of the pillars of the red oil wrench. He can participate in all kinds of big and small things, probably because of this, he has developed an excellent management ability. It’s not that simple to figure out Roy’s life experience. Maybe before hearing the story about himself, he will only listen to him revealing the unknown past secrets of many members of the Red Oil Wrestler… .

For the part of luminous ability, Roy is a bit like the auxiliary version of “Blue Eyes”, which is characterized by the fact that he is an auxiliary role of color transformation and recovery. The active skill “Lightning Supply” can set “Lightning Machine Bees” on the grids around itself. After setting, the grids will not only change color to mines, but also through chain skills, they can also self-recover while attacking, taking into account the continued combat power. and output capability.

After Roy’s awakening, the original CD-based active skills will be converted into a point-consumption system (points increase with each round). After awakening R3, the ability to actively trigger the color change of the bee can be increased. The only thing that must be noted is that only four can be set up on the bee field, and they will be destroyed if they are touched by the enemy. Judging the setting position is the key to using Roy flexibly.

Because most of Roy’s abilities can only be opened through awakening, he is a late-formed character, but if he is cultivated to a certain extent, he will become one of the very powerful combat powers that take into account both the ability to change color and restore ability.

The seventh issue of the special event book is open, limited-time login “event registration” and new costumes

The seventh issue of the special event booklet, which brings gifts and customs clearance motivation to everyone, is also open with this event. With the guidance of the navigator mission, this special event book will bring two new costumes, namely, the free version reward “Chandra”, “Air Parade”, and the paid version reward “Istavan”. “Street Celebrities”.

Of course, there are many precious cultivation resources, limited furniture, backgrounds and other good things waiting for the navigator who completes the challenge to collect.




In addition, the new fashions and login rewards for each event are also launched as scheduled. How can you miss the essential content that enriches the adventure life of navigators.

The new fashion items in this store are: “Injustice on the Road” from the six-star light “Yona” and “Desert Dragon” from the five-star light “Taki”.



“Event Check-in” cumulative login rewards:


  • Log in for 1 day in total: Checkpoint x 500, Anonymous Gift Bag x 2
  • Accumulated login for 2 days: Light Po x 100, White Night Coin x 5,000
  • Log in for 3 days in total: Checkpoint x 500, Charger Box x 1
  • Accumulated login for 4 days: Light Po x 200, Anonymous Gift Bag x 3
  • Accumulated login for 5 days: Checkpoint x 500, White Night Coin x 10,000
  • Log in for 6 days in total: Elixir x 5, Charger Box x 2
  • 7 days of cumulative login: Checkpoint x 1,000, Anonymous Gift Bag x 4
  • Log in for 8 days in total: Light Pox x 500, “Qing Tong’s Invitation” (event-exclusive avatar) x 1


The plot of this event is really interesting, I hope all navigators can have fun. In order not to miss more up-to-date information, remember to go to the official FB fan group and official website of “White Night Aurora” a lot!

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