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Apple unveiled its 6th generation iPad mini at a midnight event on the 15th.

It is the successor model for the first time in two years from the 5th generation released in 2019, the bezel has been narrowed and redesigned to a full screen design, Touch ID has been integrated into the power button on the top, the external port has become USB-C, It has evolved like a “small 4th generation iPad Air”, including support for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

2021 Apple iPad mini(Amazon)

A clue was found to indicate that the 6th generation iPad mini has 4GB of RAM.

The new iPad mini should have the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13 seriesIt is known from the specification tableHowever, for some reason it was not mentioned during the event on the 15th.

Perhaps it is desirable for Apple to announce the latest chip A15 at the same time as the main product iPhone 13, and it is presumed that it was a mistake to introduce it as an accessory with the 6th generation iPad mini that was announced earlier. ..

Aside from that, Apple has a practice of not revealing the amount of RAM installed in the device, and that’s no different for this new product line.

However, according to MacRumors of the United States, a character string indicating that the installed RAM of the 6th generation iPad mini is 4GB was found from the Xcode 13 beta version of Apple’s genuine development tool.This capacity is the predecessor5th generation iPad mini 3GBIt means that it has been increased by 1GB.

On the other hand,9th generation iPad announced at the same timeThe on-board RAM of is confirmed to be the same 3GB as the 8th generation. It may have been judged that it is enough to change the SoC from the previous A12 to A13 and strengthen the front camera.

By the way, the RAM installed in the latest iPad Pro is2 types of 8GB or 16GB depending on the storage capacityThere is,The 4th generation iPad Air is 4GB, The new iPad mini can be said to be a “smaller Air”.

Xcode uses only genuine Apple tools to provide the RAM capacity of Apple products such as the iPhone 12 series in the past.We have a track record of accurately hitting.. In the future, I would like to wait for reliable support by disassembly by repair company iFixit and documents submitted to regulatory agencies in each country.


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