the new MacBook pro unveiled by mistake?

The WWDC, this Apple conference dedicated to developers, is in full swing. And the information sessions on the future of the various platforms of the Apple brand follow one another at a frantic pace. So much so that the company forgets to erase some clues about its future products.

After the M1 chip, make way for the M1X

What if Apple’s new in-house chip was called the M1X? In any case, this is what several Internet users think, in the keywords linked to the video presenting the company at the opening of this WWDC, the terms “M1X MacBook Pro.”

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These terms being published by the person in charge of the publication of the video, it is not impossible to think that the next generation MacBook Pro could have made its appearance during this WWDC. In any case, this is what many serial leakers announced.

Unfortunately for all those who sold their old machine hoping to get their hands on the new one (and there are many of them), Apple just introduced iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS Monterey at its Keynote on Monday.

A mistake … or a diversion

Anyway, we suspect that Apple will soon market a MacBook (Pro) with a chip that will succeed the excellent M1 unveiled last year. But while waiting for formalization, our colleagues at The Verge are wondering this error is not intended by Apple.

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After all, the apple brand always takes care of its communication and this type of “leak” is rather rare. And would arrange well the company which bogged down at this very moment in a lawsuit which opposes it to Epic Games and which could well, in the long term, upset its dominant position, in particular with regard to the App Store.

What better way, then, to silence disgruntled developers, than to “teaser” a new product in order to to divert the attention of fans of the Cupertino company?

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