Sport The new madness of Nahuel Guzmán! Hit Eduardo Aguirre...

The new madness of Nahuel Guzmán! Hit Eduardo Aguirre VIDEO


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TSM Corona / 16.02.2020 20:48:23

Nahuel Guzman returns to be the protagonist of a controversy on the court, since the goalkeeper of Tigers He kicked an opponent during Sunday’s game against Saints in the TSM Corona.

It was the 78th minute when the feline goalkeeper kept the ball and when looking to get out fast, he ran into Eduardo Aguirre, author of Santos’s double and gave him a strong kick, which could be labeled as aggression by the Argentine.

However, the referee Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán did not score anything in favor of the lagoondidn’t even check the VAR.

The game continued, the whistle considered that Aguirre obstructed Nahuel In the clearing. The Paton he took a risk with that action, since it could well have been marked expulsion and penalty. And from the point of view of the exsilbant, Felipe Ramos Rizo, said action should be charged as missing.

Go kick from Nahuel, very warm Jorge A. Pérez, had to expel him. What a fear these players have“, he published on his social networks Ramos Ramos.




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