The new normal: Concerts only for vaccinated or with negative tests

The “new normal” is already here. Several hundred people who received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine attended an open-air concert hosted by Tel Aviv City Hall. This is the first such event since the beginning of the pandemic, AFP reported.

The spectators had to wear masks. The event was at a football stadium. The concert was by singer Ivri Leader. The audience kept a social distance. There were about 500 spectators. However, in order to enter the stadium, they had to present a certificate that they had been vaccinated with two doses of the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine. The product was delivered quickly to the country in exchange for biomedical data from the effect of vaccination.

In Israel, more than half of the population has the first dose of the vaccine. The country has progressively emerged from the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. Access to cultural events, gyms and hotels is currently for people who have a vaccination certificate. It is issued by the Ministry of Health.

A “test” rock concert with 5,000 spectators will take place in Barcelona this month, who will have a coronavirus test the same day and must present a negative result in order to gain access to the event, Reuters reported.

The concert will be by the Spanish indie pop group “Lion of Lesbians” and will be on March 27 in Barcelona’s “Palau Sant Jordi” hall. It will not require social distancing, and viewers will be able to buy drinks, said the organizers of the Festivals for Safe Culture Foundation. However, the spectators will be wearing FFP2 masks, and the hall will be divided into zones with no more than 1,800 people.

The concert will serve as a test for the creation of a “new protocol for holding events in the current context,” the organizers said in a statement. They were encouraged by the positive results of a similar scientific event held at the end of last year. Then about a thousand people with the same masks and also tested negative for the coronavirus showed up for the five-hour show at Barcelona’s Apollo Concert Hall, half of whom were admitted inside. Those present at the event were tested eight days later for coronavirus and none tested positive. The concert in December and the tests were observed by scientists from a local university, and their findings were published in a medical journal.

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