The new professions of the showmen and musicians of the Salamanca orchestras

More than a year with the orchestra trucks stopped in the warehouses has a price. If it is added that since then there is no income, the burden is very difficult to bear. David has been one of the few who has received the aid to the sector granted by the Junta de Castilla y León: 1,650 euros. “It is like a small handout with what is happening. As if you had not eaten for two months and they gave you for a week. Even so, I am grateful ”, he confesses, because many colleagues have been left out. “The municipalities do not even want to hear about parties. We will wait for the next few weeks to see if we can hire something, but we will work with small formats and shorter performances ”. Rafael has his nine vehicles indoors and the orchestra trucks will not move them. “Facing this summer, that people forget about festivals, emptied Spain will remain empty because there will be no activity. If something was hired, it would be copla performances or film projections, things of that kind ”.

He goes further and ensures that the orchestras are not formed in the event that a miracle redirects the current situation. “Of the 20 kids that I had working, some are teachers, others have gone to distribute pizzas, others are telemarketers, others have become freelancers offering small shows … And so they go. You can’t tell them to quit their job to act one day. “

“In the face of this summer that people forget about festivals, emptied Spain will remain empty,” says Rafael

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“A company like ours has 7,000 euros of spending per month and they have given us 1,670 euros of help, which has helped me to cover two months of renting the ship. He regrets that despite having zero activity, he has to continue paying rents and electricity, “because the vehicles have to be somewhere.” He also has to face the cost of social security and up to 2,500 euros of circulation taxes for his nine vehicles. “The Administration won’t let me work but I have to pay.”

Others, taking advantage of the fact that they have a truck license, have opted for the transport sector, a path that many showmen have also resorted to, as recognized by the president of the Salamanca association, Ángel Lerma. “In Salamanca, more than half of the families have had to make a living elsewhere, in the same way as in the rest of Spain,” he explains, adding that they have been “more than a year without working and there are colleagues who are passing hungry and they have to go to Cáritas ”.

That is why Óscar, who has a cotton stall and a children’s attraction, has returned to construction, an area he abandoned when the previous real estate crisis left him without a job. So he looked for a way out at the fair and after a year without being able to attend any of the appointments that he had so far marked on the calendar, he confesses that he is “broke.” To continue eating, he has returned to the scaffolding.

“In Salamanca, more than half of the fairground families have sought life elsewhere,” says Ángel Lerma

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It is a first-rate official, but “you don’t earn as much as before.” In these months he has gone through two companies and now, that he has just been unemployed again, he does “what comes out”. “I’m not going to stay stopped at home,” he says convinced. Before he helped his brothers by doing “little jobs” that he did not charge them, “but now I need a salary and I prefer that they send me work to ask for money”, he confesses.

In your case, the expenses per month can exceed 2,000 euros, including the mortgage for the apartment, the rent of the ship where you have the attractions, the expenses and the taxes. “I have two children, 20 and 21 years old, and they can’t find a job either,” he laments. “I’m a fighter, but please give us a hand,” Oscar cries.


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