The new promotional video of “Little Chrysanthemum Color Fairy Tale” unveiled the game’s release day, exploring the world full of vivid characters coloring book “Chicory: A Colorful Tale”

An adventure game developed by independent game developer Greg Lobanov “Little chrysanthemum color fairy tale(Temporary translation, original name: Chicory: A Colorful Tale)” released a new promotional video today (28), and the teaser game will be released on June 10.

Launched by ZengWanderersong“” game producer Greg Lobanov and four developers jointly created “Little chrysanthemum color fairy tale》Is an adventure game with a bird’s eye view. Players will use the power of painting to explore, solve puzzles, make friends and paint on anything in a coloring book world full of vivid characters.

In the story world, the “magic paintbrush” is a special artifact that can change the color of the game world, but only artists who are proficient in drawing can control it. The current painter “Chicory” was very talented and loved by everyone until all the colors on the earth disappeared and she also disappeared. In order to restore color to the world, her number one fan will stand up, pick up the paintbrush, and use its magical power to solve puzzles.

Today officially released a new promotional video, announcing the “Little chrysanthemum color fairy tale“Coming out on June 10th, a drawing adventure is about to debut.


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