The new sales model: even fewer customers in stores, more on the Internet

In the past week since the entry into force of the Safer Trading Model, “Maxima“In stores, there is a change in shoppers’ shopping habits, as well as an even larger drop in the number of customers, which has decreased by about 30% on average, according to the information provided by the retailer.

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More and more shoppers, adapting to the new shopping situation, are choosing to make purchases in larger format stores, in the early mornings and late evenings, as well as distance shopping continues to grow.

The number of buyers on the “” platform has increased even 6 times in the previous week compared to the same week last year. Last week’s most purchased non-food items were remotely typical things of winter – sleds and winter shovels, as well as kitchen utensils – pots and pans. In order to avoid visiting stores in person, online shopping is also used by residents of the regions – the number of “Barbora Express” orders outside the capital has increased by 6%.

In Maxima stores, in the new sales model, the demand for very everyday goods has increased – for example, the demand for toys, sports and leisure goods increased almost 3 times; footwear and various accessories reached more than 100% growth in demand, as well as a significant 4-fold increase in demand for various cosmetics and hygiene products.

“New, even safer trade rules have come into force since February 8, which once again shows people’s ability to adapt quickly to such a very changing situation. People come to the store even less often, intensively adapt to the” traffic light principle “to buy the necessary goods in a convenient and safe way. “We continue to invite customers to dress according to the weather in cases where they still have to wait a bit,” says Liene Dupate-Ugule, Communications Manager of Maxima Latvija.

An even safer trading model primarily means that the number of customers who can be in the sales hall at the same time is further reduced by almost half, and an even stricter way of controlling it is introduced, for example: the number of shopping carts and baskets corresponds to the number of allowed customers. number; In the largest stores of “Maxima”, the number of customers is automatically calculated by the electronic accounting system and the security guard receives the current data on the tablet; the entrance to the store is only through the entrance gate, not through the cash register or self-service cash register area, as well as the entrance to the store is only one by one or with a child under 12 years of age.

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