The new selectivity date in Navarra will be between June 22 and the end of July due to the coronavirus

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The tests of the Baccalaureate Assessment for University Access (EvAU) for the 2019-2020 academic year in Navarra will be carried out between the end of June and the end of July, provided that the health authorities authorize it. , as announced by the Provincial Government.

In Navarra the ordinary test of the EvAU 2020, a test similar to the Selectivity, will be carried out after June 22 and the extraordinary test will take place in the second half of July, whenever the health authorities allow it. The university enrollment calendar will be adapted to that of these tests.

In Navarra there are 2,601 students in the second year of Bachillerato in the public educational network and 1,688 in the concerted network, to which are added the students of the Higher Vocational Training cycles.

Regarding the students in the Higher Vocational Training cycles, Navarra will adopt the measures agreed upon by the Professional Training Commission, aimed fundamentally at making practices in the workplace more flexible in order to pass the course and extending the period established in the school calendar , a measure that must be coordinated with the dates of the EVAU to allow all students who wish to do so to take the university entrance exam. .


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