the new “super power” for group administrators is already active and could cause problems

You can now delete any chat message and designate which other users to share the title with.

Such as had been announcedgroup administrators WhatsApp you can now delete messages from third parties. Until now, they could only kick participants, designate which other users to share the position with, or choose who could enter the chat.

The attributes of the group administrators, who are currently able to manage the chats and add or delete contacts, also have the possibility of delete any message for all participants. This can be useful depending on the context but, of course, can cause many problems.

However, the deleted message leaves a small trace, as it will be replaced by a text that will warn other users that the administrator has deleted it. As it had been happening in chats when a user deleted their own message, basically.

“All admins will be able to remove erroneous or problematic messages from chats to help keep groups safe and respectful,” said Jyoti Sood, WhatsApp product manager.

Whatsapp administrators, with more power. Photo: Shutterstock

This notification began to take effect with the release of the version of the WhatsApp beta program for Android.

The portal also recalls that the technology company works in an extension of time during which a message can be deleted for all participants in a group chat, with options of 12 hours and two days.

This new WhatsApp feature thus gives more power to group administrators, but at the same time, will limit the freedom of the participants from the same group.

Another new WhatsApp feature: grocery shopping

WhatsApp works to make supermarket purchases without leaving the app.  Photo: capture.

WhatsApp works to make supermarket purchases without leaving the app. Photo: capture.

Not all of them are chats, emojis, voice notes or video calls in WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application: a recent function was experimentally enabled in its Business version with the aim of “do the grocery shopping”without the need to leave the platform.

It is the “first end-to-end shopping experience” to offer a complete shopping experience within the platform of instant messagingas defined by Meta, owner of the app.

WhatsApp users in India started testing this new feature where they can browse local JioMart store catalog, add products to cart and make payment to complete the purchase, all without leaving the app.

After this pilot test, it is expected that the new function will be available in the rest of the world -including Argentina- later.

As Meta explained, this test launch is part of the strategic alliance between Mark Zuckerberg’s technology company and the JioMart supermarket chain to accelerate India’s digital transformation and “give users and businesses of all sizes the opportunity to connect in new ways“, with the purpose of boosting the economic growth of the country.

The experience in India, explains Meta, promises to revolutionize the way users connect with companies or service providers, while offering a new simple and convenient shopping experience for users to access basic products.

While the platform has not yet made it official to expand this feature to the rest of its markets, users in India just need to send a message with the word “Hello” to the store number to make purchases from JioMart.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, explains that business messaging is at its best and that “chat-based experiences They will be the way people and businesses communicate for years to come.”

In this way, the Business experience is also complemented, not only with the visualization of a business catalog, but also with the complete experience of buying and delivering products at home.


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