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The new visa law in the UAE will be in full force tomorrow

by archyde

Dubai | New visa rules in UAE come into full force tomorrow. The plan is to make visa issuance liberal and extensive. These include visitor, employment and long-term visas. Visitors will not need a host or sponsor from tomorrow. Visitor visas are available for different durations that fulfill the purpose of the visit. Work visas will also expand. Skilled people can get long term visa easily. These will also benefit expatriates living and working in the UAE.

The cabinet decision taken in mid-April will come into effect. Some have already come into force. The main one is the five-year multi-entry tourist visa. Sponsorship is not required for this visa. And a stay of up to 90 days is allowed. It can be extended for another 90 days. A person can stay for a maximum of 180 days on this tourist visa. Must have a bank balance of USD 4,000 (Dh 14,700) or equivalent in foreign currency within the last six months prior to application.

Business Visa: Investors and entrepreneurs do not need a sponsor or host.

Visa for Visiting Relatives/Friends: A relative or friend of a UAE citizen or resident can apply for this visa.

Temporary work visa: Those who have a temporary employment assignment like probation testing or project based work can apply for this visa. Candidates must present a temporary employment contract or a letter from the employer.

Visa for Study/Training: It is aimed at people or students who want to participate in training, study courses and internship programs. Educational and research institutes in public and private sector can sponsor this visa. A letter from the institution specifying the details of the study, training or internship program is required.

Family Visa: Previously, parents could only sponsor children below 18 years of age. Boys upto 25 years can be sponsored from now on. Children with disabilities also get a special permit. Golden Visa will be generous.

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