The New York Times has grave allegations against Pornhub

Ein researcher of the “New York Times” raises serious allegations against the pornography portal “Pornhub”. The site is, writes Nicholas Kristof, “inundated with rape videos. It monetizes rape of children, revenge pornography, hidden videos of women in the shower, racist and misogynistic content and pictures of women being blown away with plastic bags. ”A keyword search under“ Girls under eighteen ”or “14 years” leads to more than 100,000 hits each time. In most cases children would not be sexually assaulted, but in far too many they would.

“This is not about pornography, but about rape,” writes Kristof. “We should agree that it is immoral to support sexual assault on children or someone who is unconscious.” The author addresses his appeal in particular to the Canadian government, since “Pornhub” operates from there.

“Obviously untrue”

“Pornhub” rejects the allegations, as reported by Reuters, in a statement: “Any allegation that we allow material that shows child abuse is irresponsible and obviously untrue.”

However, research by the “New York Times” has apparently alarmed credit card companies that work with “Pornhub”. According to Reuters, Mastercard said it was examining the allegations against “Pornhub” and was in talks with “Mindgeek”, the parent company of “Pornhub”, which is headquartered in Luxembourg. “If the allegations are confirmed, we will act immediately,” said Mastercard. Visa announced that it was aware of the allegations and was in the process of investigating the process together with the “relevant financial institutions”, as well as having discussions with “Mindgeek”. If it turns out that “Pornhub” violates the law, transfers from Visa would no longer be made.

The billionaire and investor Bill Ackmann had asked the credit card companies Mastercard and Visa to interrupt payments to “Pornhub” for the time being. He also turned to American Express with his claim, whose credit card is not recognized by “Pornhub”.

Bill Ackman suggested making it illegal for pornography sites to post videos before an examiner saw them and confirmed the age and consent of those involved. According to the “New York Times”, “Pornhub” has very few moderators who have a look at the incoming videos worldwide. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government is working with police to investigate the allegations.


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