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“A new study shows that it works, but only when it is administered within days of the onset of the disease,” says the text.

The effectiveness of the use of blood plasma in the treatment of the coronavirus based on studies carried out in the country was highlighted this Saturday in a note published in The New York Times.

With the title “Blood plasma shows promising results in the treatment of Covid-19 in Argentina”, the newspaper highlights that “thousands of people received convalescent plasma as an experimental treatment for Covid.”

“A new study shows that it works, but only when administered within a few days of the onset of the disease,” says the text.


The National Campaign for the Donation of Blood Plasma for patients recovered from coronavirus became law in July of last year, based on a project promoted by the head of the block of deputies of the Frente de Todos, Máximo Kirchner, and which obtained unanimous support. of all blocks.

The law promotes voluntary blood donation to obtain plasma from recovered Covid-19 patients for the treatment of patients who require it, and ordered the creation of a national campaign for the dissemination and promotion of voluntary donation, declaring the issue as “of national interest.”

The bill approved by Congress grants a special license for donors, It recognizes them as “outstanding solidarity citizens of the Argentine Republic” and orders to guarantee the transfer of those patients recovered from Covid-19, suitable to be plasma donors and who do not have the means to do so.

With the measure, the National Registry of Recovered Patients from Covid-19 Plasma Donors was also created, whose information must be protected in compliance with Law 25,326 on the protection of personal data.

It also establishes that the training of health teams on the procedure for plasma donation will be promoted; the development of research activities on the subject will be encouraged and access to information on plasma donation from recovered patients will be ensured.

The bill approved by Congress grants a special license to donors and recognizes them as “outstanding caring citizens”

New study

The New York Times article published this Saturday, signed by Katherine J. Wu, outlines the results of a new study, led by Fernando Polack, pediatric infectious diseases physician and scientific director of the Infant Foundation in Argentina.

The report was published last Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine and indicates that the positive results of the treatment are recognized “Almost five months after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under pressure from President Donald Trump, gave the therapy an emergency green light for use in people hospitalized with Covid-19” , holds the newspaper.

According to the publication, in countries like Argentina, plasma could be one of the best treatment options available, according to Polack, since “plasma infusions in Buenos Aires cost less than $ 200 per patient; it is more accessible, cheaper , more universal ”.


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